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Only took  Cymbalta  for 3 months but had side effects of being off balance lightheaded feeling like I am walking in a boat  now I being taken off the drug and having nightmares the sweats headaches  anyone had this experience  with this drug?
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I had a rough time with Cymbalta as well.  I didn't take it very long but all of the research I did on it said you should be tapered off of it slowly or you will have unpleasant "discontinuation" symptoms.
Talk to your doctor about slowing down your taper.
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It made my ex psycho. Literally. He was always angry at me. Obcessive.

They should taper you off and/or switch you to something else. They put my ex back on Lexapro.
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Hi, I have been on Cymbalta 60gm for almost 7 years and when I lost my health insurance for a few years, it was extremely expensive to have cymbalta without insurance---14 pill for $80.00.  So I know where you are coming from.  The longest I went without is 4-5 days and I felt dizzy, empty minded, had to really think before talking, major sweating at night, and crying all day or most the day.   I have heard antidepressants are the hardest to get off of.   Maybe you should have your doctor lower the dose, then come off slowly.  I think going cold turkey can be dangerous.  Please call your doctor!  Sorry but the withdrawals are unbearable .   Hope this helps some-- call doctor!!! Please
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Over a 12 yr period, I was on every type of antidepressant out there.  I am no longer on any type of AD, but had the VERY WORST side effects when I was on Cymbalta.

It was given to me for chronic pain issues.  Not only did it not work for those, it gave me so many other side effects, I could not wait to get off of it.
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