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Cymbalta Question

Hi all - I saw a pain management specialist today since I'm still going to have to deal with my back pain even once I get off the Norco.  He's going to take over my acupuncture care, which I've had good success with and try some injections.  He started me on Cymbalta.  It's a new antidepressant that has had good results in chronic pain management, especially in women.  
Has anyone taken it?  Any insight into how it works or doesn't work?  Any side effects?
I'd be curious if anyone has any thoughts on the medication.  I'm starting at 30mg a day for 7 days and then increasing to 60mg per day.
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Yes, I tried it.  Unfortunately, I experienced bad side effects from it and couldn't continue taking it.  However, I have heard of many having good experiences with it.

It's like most drugs - it works different on different people...

Sorry I could give you more help... :-/   But for what it's worth, it was perscribed to me for my back pain by my pain mgmt. guy also, so it's gotta be working for someone if they're all perscribing it!
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What kind of side effects did you suffer???  Shari
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I looked into it but its so new they don't know what the long term effects are... and i try not to take anything that can cause sexual side effects because I always get them...I just read an article about this one last week and I didn't like the sound of it..the article was on the Pro health site in the articles about Fibromyalgia.
Another one to look into is Elavil... its a older tricyclic one but it helps with stage 4 sleep and helps with pain they have been using it for Fibromyalgia patients for years.. Side effects are minimal if taken before bed
Like MJ said different drugs for different folks... Also Sam-e is a supplement that is supposed to help with pain...
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I've tried the tricyclics - unfortunately they give me migraines even at the lowest possible does.  I'm going to give the Cymbalta a try. When I see the pain guy again he's going to consider putting my on Lyrica which I'm a bit leary of. He also does an injection procedure called prolotherapy.  I'm going to reseach it - onl 250 docs in the country do it, it involves injection dextrose solution with lidocaine into the tissues around the spine and sacroiliac joint.  I'm really leary so I'm going to get a second opinion about that.  He wants me to stay on a low dose of Norco but I told him I really need to get completely off narcotics.  I really liked him so we'll see........
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Cymbalta is used for fybromyalgia.It works well I hear . RUthie
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I did read good things about Lyrica.. It made me dizzy personally so I didn't take it long enough to see if there were good pain results. I stand all day and can't afford to be dizzy.. I did read alot of people gain weight on it so becareful.. Do research on it... It could help you.. You should check out the Pro health site it has articles on alot of the meds you are talking about... Even if you are not someone with Fibro like me it could be a good source for info.. I research EVERYTHING before i take it... I am gonna give Elavil a shot I think...
Yeah I would be leary of those shots too...
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Hey, I just started on Cymbalta last week, the same dosages you are on.  I have not had any side effects at all so far, but I am just starting the stronger dose tonight.  I did not know about it helping with chronic pain, maybe that is why they gave it to me - mine was given to me by a psychiatrist who I started seeing for depression.  So far, I do not have anything negative to say about it.  She did tell me that it was suppose to work faster than the other antidepressants.
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It's working well for me.  My wife did try and seem to not have a good response after one pill.  Don't know if it was that or something else.  She's going to try later.  It's supposed to be good for nerve pain.
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... after a few weeks on it, I started getting these weird "tweaks" on it - like I'd lay in bed, and I felt like I'd have this weird little body spasm/tweak.  then I looked on some board about people's side effects, and a few people discussed the "brain zaps."  when I read that - it was exactly what I felt, but couldn't put into words...
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I take Norco for CP....My doc wanted me to try Cymbalta for the same reaons, as it is supposed to work on Seratonin balance AND adrenaline....Not sure how that manifests in pain relief.  I took them for almost 3 months, really really wanting them to work.   They DID NOT WORK, on anything really....I chose a different route for depression and that was to dig deep psychologically to address the root issues...I still take the Norco, but no ADs.......Personally I think ADs are a fraud perpetrated by the big Pharma companies, and marketed by the docs, who get kickbacks.......That said, my wife got some relief from migraines from one once, but she wanted them to work.....I think they are ****...I am no doc, but I have tried every AD that I know the name of.....all for NADA.

Good luck, but don't expect magic on the pain relief side....I hope it works for you......Ultimately they simply made me dizzy, nauseas, anxious and did NOT help any of the symptoms that I tried them for.
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