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Cymbalta and Rozerem

hey everyone its past midnight here so im on my 22nd day clean...it feels really good im going strong....still get cravings and other minor stuff but i finally have gotten my smile back....i went to my doctors office the other day told him my story how i went to detox and all and he prescribed me rozerem for sleep and cymbalta for my chronic pain(i was in a very bad car accident last year) im finding out more and more cymbalta is more of an anti depressant...he told me this there but i didnt think anything of it really....ive read some posts where fladdict has said watch out for ssri or something like that...is this safe to take? my depression is lifting i dont want anti depressants...will it really help with my pain? are both medicines safe? thanks for all your help this forum keeps me going when i think i cant. thanks to all of you.
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hey i dont know about those drugs but wanted to say congrats.im on day 39 isnt it great u know what i love most not worrying about where my pills are coming from 24/7 and i thought they helped my stress lol well congrats and sorry im no help-jennifer
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Cymbalta is used for both.  I believe (not 100% sure) but it's original use was for pain - I can't remember, but I believe for nerve pain... I tried it for my chronic pain, too.  But some use it (and like it) for it's use as an anti-depressant.

it is definitely used for both.  I had bad side effects from it and it didn't really help my pain personally, but some people swear by it.

I don't know about rozerem...

anyway, i'm so sorry but i gotta hit the hay now.. but wanted you to know for sure, yes, Cymbalta is definitely used for pain...

be well...
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Good morning,
cymbalta is used as an anti depressant, it is also used for neuropathy pain (nerve pain). I do not know about the benefits/side effects of this drug in the long term. But be careful with the sleeping medication (Rozerem). Not that it is addicting but when it stops working our addict minds can tend to tell us that we need something better. Drink lots of water, mild excercise helps alot as well, even if it is just walking around the block. If you can, try to stay away from beverages with caffiene as long as you are detoxing. Caffiene doesnt help the sleep problem much. I still wake up at 3:30-4:00 every morning, but it beats the alternative of COMING TO later in the morning. What i do is take a shower. get dressed and go to a 6:15 ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT 12 step meeting. There is always something positive to do with the time we used to use. Also, ibuprofen helps for the body aches.
Take care and God bless,
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When my dr wanted to put me on Cymbalta for chronic pin and depression, I looked it up and read so many stories about how horrible it was to withdraw from.  I told my dr about that and she was totally ignorant about those effects.  I'm glad I didn't start it.
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