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DO NOT do the Tramadol

I too went from Norco 10's to Hydro 5's then Tramadol. Granted the move from so called "narcotic" drugs was no doubt smoother when I switched to the Tram.....however, I am on day 11 of CT from the Tramadol. Never been so sick and it's not the kind of withdrawls you get from the opiates. I still hear ducks quacking in my ears and enjoy body jolts of electricity quite frequently. Actually, I happen to love music and can't handle listening to it yet! My body is just on fire! Very strange from a drug that is " non Narcotic" wouldn't you say? The rest of the fine wd symptoms include no sleep. You are wide awake.... day 11 for me ... I've clocked ,maybe 24 hours of actual sleep. Imodiem is my friend, and scattered thoughts follow me everywhere. One thing about going CT on this one, not ONE of those vicious pills will EVER pass my lips in this lifetime. I guarentee it! In all honesty, Also, I have found out that Tram made me just want more, more, more. Not addicting? huh who says? It also eccentuates the pain so you continue to use it thinking you are really really hurt. I look for there to be a big class lawsuit on this drug down the road. Best of luck to you. I just felt I had to warn you what you'll be adding with the Tramadol if you decide to pursue that out.
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Hi, I am going to pharmacy school and thought i would post a little about tramadol. First of all, who ever told you tramadol (also known as Ultram) is non-narcotic is telling you wrong. Ultram is a controlled medication in some states and is sent to pharmacies in the "controlled tote" with the Lortab and Darvocet N100. It can be JUST as addicting as Lortab (tramadol works like an opiate and restricts the blood vessels in the brain that sensor pain like Lortab or Darvocet) the addiction usually starts because of the "high feeling" obtained from opiates. Do not think that just because it's not a controlled drug doesnt mean it isnt dangerous.

(this is most definatly not me on a high horse. i just feel like so many people dont understand the dangers of narcotics and knowlege is power :-)..
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a very good post!! It is amazing the horrors that the so called non addicitng drugs have attached to the,,It makes me wonder about all rx's of any kind..The drug companys are just out to make a buck and thats it...Congratulations on 11 days..hopefully you will be feeling better soon..
i wish they had a class action law suit against methadone too!
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Too Much;

Yep. I feel the same way about the tramadol. Would rather eat capsules of actual rat poison. I feel the same way about the coming class action lawsuit.  I'm now on day 14 (I think?) Day 15? I can't remember. And I had to laugh about the sheer dead on accuracy of the way you describe the w/d's and the nature of tramadol. Yep. It makes you think that you CAN THINK; when in fact you can't.

Oh wow Desperate! I didn't know you were 178 days out! Wow. I'm so impressed and so happy for you! That is wonderful. Thank you for the encouragement.

Avis as always so happy to see any of your messages.

Love and healing!
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It does get better .  I have been in your shoes . Life is better clean I promise .!!!!!!!

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my wds from trams were horrible. it does get better. be sure to check out the health pages here, the thomas recipe and amino acids. its a huge help. i ma 178 days free from tramadol today. it will get better. good luck to you. you can do this.
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