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I am weaning off valium & zopiclone (ambien). Yes, it's very difficult on some days, to stick to the weaning off plan, but I am doing it, as I really want to get off these 2 meds. I even try to take less than what my psychiatrist has prescribed. I've researched the different ways people react while tapering their meds, especially these 2.  So OK, it says anxiety, depression, anger, nausea etc. I can cope with this, hard as it is, as some days I'm OK, other days, I really feel the need to up my dosage to what it was formerly. I WILL NOT give into the temptation, of course, or I'll never get off them. I get comfort & relief by praying, & praying again, distraction, reading inspiring books, watching inspirational shows on youtube, or by DVD & natural remedies such as herbs. I told all this to my prescribing psychiatrist. She said she'd give me a script for Olanzapine (zyprexa, she called it). I told her I did not want any more medications. She told me this one is non-addictive, so I reluctantly said OK.  BUT, before taking any, I researched it on the net first this time, Unlike the other time when she prescribed zopiclone & said it's non-addictive (Imovane is another name for it, but most people know it as ambien), I soon found out that latest research shows it's HIGHLY addictive. Too late for me. I was hooked. Anyway, I found that Olanzapine is for schizophrenia & bipolar disorders. I've never been diagnosed with these conditions, just depression & anxiety, in the past. I am truly scared to even start on this medication after reading the horrific side-effects, & how hard it is to wean off, which I'd have to do eventually anyway. So, NO WAY WILL I TAKE THIS SCARY DRUG! I'm rather confused as to why she would prescribe it for me, and say it's non-addictive. I have an addictive personality, have posted quite a few things on this site already, about other meds I was addicted to, but this new one really has me baffled. Does anybody have any ideas as to why she would prescribe it for me? I'm coping pretty good overall, with the tapering down of valium & ambien (zopiclone). I would love to hear from ANYONE who has experience with this medication.
Thank you.
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Good to see you, my friend. You've been doing so well.

I'm not sure why your Dr. suggested Zyprexa. I have friends who were not schizophrenic, Bipolar or psychotic and were prescribed Doxepin & Seroquel as 'comfort' Meds during withdrawal. I was 'given' Doxepin during the worst of my post-detox Methadone Withdrawals. I had to take more than prescribed in order to sleep and I found that I literally couldn't move the next day. (This doesn't mean that this will happen on Zyprexa). I too, have looked into the side-effects of Zyprexa and find them disturbing, particularly for us older folks. I would ask to see the studies and protocols for the efficacy of this particular drug coming off of benzos.

I also find it a red flag that your Dr. prescribed Ambien when you expressed a wish to wean off Benzos and Benzo-type drugs. It is possible that she feels that when taken, Zyprexa will dull the anxiety enough to help with the Valium withdrawal but here in the US, this is not a typical benzo taper.

Why not ask her outright why she is prescribing this drug? Express your concerns and the contra-indications (heart health, stroke, renal health, diabetes, etc.) & see what her reasoning is? Also, is she tapering you off both Zoplicone and Valium at once? Some Drs. would want to do one at a time.

It's your body/mind and your life & I'm glad you're taking the time and care to research these things to the best of your ability and to ask questions. You also, can also seek a second opinion.

There may be a perfectly good reason, but it never hurts to ask & you've successfully reduced the rather large list of Pharms you were on and are feeling better. So, as I said, better safe than sorry. Good Luck, S! Let us know what she says. It's always good to understand the reasoning behind these things.
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Hi! I haven't heard of  using zyprexa to help with wds. It is an anti-psychotic med. I'm not quite sure how it would help you, unless there is an underlying condition going on. I would go back to the dr. and ask lots of questions until you are satisfied. This drug can have some pretty serious side effects , such  as rapid weight gain, and it can in rare cases induce diabetes. Your dr. really should have discussed this with you. Try to get ahold of them and get some answers.
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Are you on an antidepressant by chance?  Sometimes, this class of med  (an antypical antipsychotic) CAN be used in conjunction with an antidepressant to help with the effectiveness of the AD and help with symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Maybe that's her thinking?  It won't help directly with any physical w/d symptoms, but if you're on an AD, it may help the emotional symptoms you're dealing with.

I think you're smart to be concerned.  This wouldn't be the first med I would think of to help what you're going through, but you need to talk to your doctor.  She may have experience with this med in similar situations.

The one med you're on that can intensify Zyprexa side effects is Valium, so you need to ask about that as well, and check the list of other meds that could increase the severity of side effects.

Definitely talk to your doctor.  She may be onto something, but you definitely need to carefully weigh the risks and benefits.  Good luck!

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I agree with NG, particularly since she is prescribing the Zyprexa to attenuate the effects of the Valium withdrawal.
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I'm so pleased you took the time to comment on my post. Yes, I'll be seeing my prescribing psych (the same one I've been seeing all along), on the 17th June. I definitely be asking all these questions. All I'd said to her at my last appt was that I was feeling a little anxious & a bit down, but knew it is (or was 17 days ago), but knew that is because I'm weaning off 2 meds, the benzos. When she said she'd give me something to help with that, I said I don't want any more meds. She insisted Zyprexa is non-addictive, so I just said OK, but thought to myself 'I'm going to research it first', and I'm so glad I did. Good Lord! There is diabetes in my family & heart conditions. And yes, I'm on 3 anti-deps & she knows it. She prescribes them for me. I'm on Mirtazapine 15mg am, 30mg afternoon & 15mg before bed with 10mg Nortriptyline, & zoloft 25mg to take any time,(she prescribes 50mg, but I found it made me anxious, so halved the dosage & told her so, but she still puts 50mg on the script). She's the one supervising my weaning off valium & zopiclone or ambien (Imovane it's called here), and I'm tapering both at once. Down to 3 of 5mg valium (she says to take 3 & a 1/2, but to try to stick to 3, which I do, most days & doing it properly this time. Not like I used to, which was haphazardly & sometimes abusing it, if you remember?), & 2 of 7.5mg ambien, which I'm desperately trying to cut down to 1, as I just want off it. It's even harder than valium to get off, but my own fault for getting hooked in the first place (little did I know back then, especially as she said it's non-addicive, just like she says Zyprexa is). Help! Thank God I researched zyprexa first this time & refuse to take it. I don't need more drugs. I want off all these mind & mood altering drugs. I want ME back, the natural, healthy & happy me & I'm determined to get there. I've learned a great lesson with all these meds she's tried me on. She had me on Seroquel to start with. That sent me batty & weird, so weaned myself off after 2 weeks of hell & told her. That's when she prescribed Zoloft, knowing I'm on Mirtazapine & Nortriptyline. Anyway, thanks nursegirl. I appreciate what you told me and your advice.
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Thanks ariley13. I haven't been diagnosed with bipolar or anything other than depression & anxiety in the past. I'm fine now, a little anxious & get a bit down but nothing major like I've had in the past. I'm actually quite happy most of the time. No manic episodes, nothing. Just the normal everyday ups & downs we all feel at times. All I'd told her at my last appt was that I'd been a bit anxious & down, but knew this is because I'm weaning off 2 meds, benzos that act on the those benzo receptors in the brain & is to be expected. I said I am coping with it & don't want any more medications. She said zyprexa is non-addictive, so I couldn't be bothered arguing with her plus my time was up, so just took the script, but researched it first. I'll be asking her why she thought I'd need this, on the 17th June. I'm not taking it of course. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.
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You've come a long way and overcome a lot already!  It's great that you're being cautious with any new med recommendations.  The anxiety especially is to be expected coming off a benzo.  It's very hard I'm sure, but with time, it WILL get better.   Hopefully you and your doctor can come up with a game plan..once you hear her reasoning behind the Zyprexa recommendation, you'll better be able to make an informed decision.

Take care.
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Thanks once again for your advice & support. I left you to last, to reply to, as I selected yours as the best answer. As I've already posted my replies to the others who kindly took the time to give their advice, I won't repeat it all again. I think she prescribed Zyprexa for me as I'd said I'd been a bit anxious & down since starting the tapering of valium & ambien at the same time. I said I knew to expect this, as I'd researched all this too. As my time was up, ( only about 10 mins consult) it was more or less in the last few minutes that she wrote the script for zyprexa saying it would help & it's non-addictive. I'd expressly told her I do not want any more medications, but  took the script as she handed it to me, at the end of my appt time. I knew I wouldn't take it even if it was non-addictive & I certainly was going to research it as soon as I got home. So glad I did. I'd NEVER take this drug! There is diabetes, heart conditions, renal failure etc in my family, for a start, and the weight gain issue would also be of great concern, as there is that pre-disposition for that in my family too. Yes, red flags went up for me when I read all about this drug, & I looked at as many links that I could find. No, I'm going the natural health way, my faith in God is growing stronger every day & I find prayer is the best comfort where I gain strength & peace, for the difficult days. Most days I'm quite happy & content, but there are moments of rising anxiety, fear & nausea, but I know it will pass, when I pray, read Joyce Meyer books or watch her on youtube. She's very inspirational!  Anyway, it's way past my bedtime, and I'm ready for sleep. No sleeping pills either, just my usual calcium & magnesium tab, 15mg mirtazapine & 10mg nortriptyline or Pamelor. Yeah, I agree with you about our age. I'm far too old to be mucked around with meds like this. Will see about weaning off these anti-deps once I'm off valium & ambien. One ( well 2 in my case) thing at a time. Thanks again, and WELL DONE YOURSELF! You've been through it all too, and beaten your addiction! That's so wonderful to know! Stay well & God Bless.
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AW thanks! It's midnight here & way past my bedtime, but I just wanted to thank you again for your encouragement. My psych didn't explain anything about this new med she's recommending, just that it's non-addictive. I'll get some answers next time, and let her know I'm coping OK with the withdrawals from tapering I've posted many times about my renewed faith in God, and He has been my strength & my hope. Going to read a bit now, as that puts me off to sleep very nicely. (Thanks for forgiving me for all the nasty things I first posted to you when I first joined. When I look back, I see how screwed up my head was, and you actually made me see it was medication that was causing it & your comments spurred me into taking action to get off as many as I can. I've succeeded with some & working on the others now. Getting my life (& my mind back, haha!) Thanks NG.
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No worries at all.  I completely understand you were in a bad place.  I just figured I'd give you some space, but I've been following along with your progress and have been glad to see you're making such great progress.

Thanks for the apology though, that was kind of you.
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Thanks for your understanding! It was nice to know you've been following my progress. That's very encouraging & so nice of you. .
You've been a blessing to many, I'm sure, so may God Bless you over & over.
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HI  Cudos for geeting off the benzos and Z meds  both are a hard detox  I did both but more recently (15MO AGO) I tapered off clonipin  it was a ruff detox and I wouldent want to do it again  one thing  dont decrease you dose faster then the doctor says to your just setting yourself up for problems it ruff enough doing it right just stick with the taper  the praying help me both from methadone and benzo just know it can go on a wile after you stop  it took me about 8 weeks for it to run it corse give it time  now im fine so you do get better after time good luck keep posting for support  dont know why your dr would perscribe ziprexa dont make sence to me  ask her  ..........Gnarly.............................
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Thanks gnarly! Yes, it's very hard, but just knowing time passes & I'll be off them in a few months, I guess. So tempting to do it faster. Only had 1 of 5mg valium, & 1/4 of 7.5mg zopiclone, ambien whatever you call it. Do NOT want to take my 2nd dose. Stringing it out as long as poss. Feel fine actually & quite happy. Threw out the Zyprexa. I'll tell my psych thanks but no thanks. Hoping she'll give my GP permission to oversee my valium & ambien taper, as I'm sick of paying her $60 for a 5-10 min consult & get no explanations etc., just another script for something else. I cannot afford this at all. We're broke & struggling financially. She knows I hate meds with a vengeance after my bad experiences with what's been prescribed for me since seeing her. I know she's only trying to help, but really, come on! She's just after the money in my humble opinion & doesn't care about me, the patient. Just bc I'm going through w/drawls, does not mean I want another drug. I'll be asking her why she thought zyprexa would help, on the 17th June. then hopefully it's goodbye to her. Otherwise I just refuse to keep seeing her, if she insists I do, to check on my progress. Hmm. But then my GP won't be able to prescribe for me, as she won't have the psych's permission which my GP said she needs. My GP could get into trouble with the Medical board or something, as it's very strict & there's rules to follow. I'd never want my lovely GP to have that happen, so I guess I'm stuck.
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