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Im pregnant and due in about 2 weeks, and my whole pregnancy I've been in methadone treatment, and had not touched herion for almost a year and im so scared and selfish because i have been injecting herion for the past 2 weeks, and have stopped today I dont know what I was thinking and why I did it! Has anyone been in this situation will my baby be ok when he is born in 2 weeks from using the dope for the past 2 weeks?! someone please help me with some advice, this is my first im so scared he wont be ok, and i love him so much o god what was i thinking!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP WITH SOME ADVICE!!
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You need to talk with your OB about this.  He/she knows you are on methadone right?  Most states are testing babies at birth so this will show up and if your OB knows there wont be any surprises.  The important thing here is you have stopped now.  I would put a plan in place to get some help with this.  There is NA/AA or addiction counselors.  You are not the only one this has happened too as we see many new moms on here.  I know you are scared and this is weighing heavily on you so telling the truth will make you feel better.  Reach out and get some help with this.  You and your baby deserve that~
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Thank you for the reply, Yes my doctor knows ive been in a methadone clinic my whole pregnancy, I just am so scared that I slipped up when Im due in literally a week and a half and i really dont want my stupid mistake to harm my baby or have him taking away, thank you for the advice for Im so nervous and scared being a new mother.!
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I hope this helps. I am a heroin addict of twenty years, but have been clean for 133 days or so. I think if you are using during pregnancy I have had a few friends who used during pregnancy and there babies were fine. Ithink they have the protection of the mothers womb. so you should be ok. but you need to stop using heroin, I have used for twenty years and kept relapsing for any excuse. But when I lost my grandson of 14 months something kick started my brain to stop using. Ifound my daughter needed me more now than ever before. So I went cold turkey that was 133 days ago and I'm feeling great now. You can do it to for you and the baby. Ihope this helps, be strong you can do it. And you will get lots of support here the ppl are so helpful at MH lots of luck and I send my prayers for you and the baby good luck my friend  James
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As I always remember Dominosarah is 100%correct about telling your OB the WHOLE truth.You will without a doubt be tested as well as your babies 1st stool that goes back many months for what you've taken.You need to tell the OB so they can be prepared to properly take care of the baby.They have a plan to wean the baby off the methadone very slowly but they need to know t acute heroin withdrawal is VERY possible as well so the baby can be taken care of to the best of there ability.The baby deserves for them to make him/her as comfortable as possible while withdrawing.Honesty also goes a long way with doctors.They will without a doubt know the truth so get in front of it and be honest.The babies very developed so I wouldn't worry about defects.
i have been 100% honest with my doctor the whole time! i appriciate the advice everyone thank you seriously means alot and helps alot for me!
did it show up in your babies results when you gave birth? how was the baby?
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Please keep us posted on how things are going~
i will 100%  keep you all posted on how everything is going!
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I am so glad to hear you have been honest with your doctor.  Keep talking with us and make sure to let us know when that baby is born!
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