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Day 1 1/2 CT off Fioricet, begging for advise!!

I finished yesterday with only 1/2 tablet Fioricet. I have been taking only 1/2 .25 mg of Xanax every 4-6 hours. I am sleeping a bit, but still waking about ever 3 hours, and never stay in bed more than 8 ( usualy 2 hours of fighting to sleep). I am reading on some posts that using the Xanax mabe ok for the first week of W/D, and if I use it at the rate I am, I will be taking about .50mg a day. Is this worisome to anyone? I don't feel like I am substituting one drug for another, but I need to get the anxiety undser control during htese first few days.
Could anyone tell me what is the maximum safe dosage to use during this first week? If I follow label, it would allow .75mg per day? Any one have thought on this?
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please stay away from the xanax if you can I am still fighting the xanax demon after almost three months,i did not even know I was addicted until I found this forum i only took 0.5 mil one time at night to help with sleep for about 6 months on and off xanax is the most addicting benzo out there and it will grab you before you realize it try l-theanine it is an amino acid you can get at GNC and it works as well as xanax in fact better because it is no addicting  good luck to you
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Xanax has a very short half life compared to other benzos. Therefore, it leaves the body fairly quickly. It also kicks in fairly quickly. That's the main reason it's so addictive. Some people take benzos for a month and stop..with no consequences. The reason people here are wary of benzos is that they are addictive...sometimes fairly quickly. We already have the addictive personality, and in withdrawals we often times look for a replacement for the opiates. You're fine using benzos short term. But, be forewarned that some people have withdrawals from them after taking them for as little as a week. So, all this being said, try and take them for a week at most. Your dosage of .5mg a day isn't large, so you shouldn't have any problems coming off them. For the week you take them, try and only take them when the anxiety is at its worse, or when trying to sleep. Hope this helps...GaGuy
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Thanks, I am going to push myself today to not take more than that .5 mg, although being this is the first real day being off Fioricet, I feel like I still will need some help. I acutally want to get up when the anxiety hits, and RUN..it is the most awfull feeling.
I acutaly have only enough for 1 week, so there is no hoping for more. I really do not like Xanax, it makes me headachy, so I don't think getting off it is an issue. I took it once before, and broke the tablets in half, and quit before my Rx ran out with no problems.
I just need reasurance, since my taper was broken yesterday, I went from 2 tabs to 1/2 tab of Fioricet to CT, so I was imaging this would be the worst of it...the next 5 days??
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i would stay as low as possible..the benzo will make the ct safer from the fiorcet but as u know..benzos can grab u..wished u had a safer benzo like valium/alttho none are really safe and all r addictive..this u know as the forum will pound this into ur head i am sure..so knowing that be safe..get thru ur addiction wd process without relapsing with the least amount of "outside drug " help than u can make it with...getting clean is so important and being cautious...if u r dead tired from no sleep u will possibly fail...i am thinking u have no fiorcets left in ur house?
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Nope. Bf came home, I had counted the tablets for him yesterday, but the little bit of weakness I had during the day about going CT, made me keep one tablet broken in half for emrgencies. I am VERY proud to say this morning before he got home, I put those two half tablets in the bottle with the others for him, They now are flush, and I have to say I feel GREAT!
Today has gone by very well, zero cravings for the Fioricet, and only 1/2 a .25mg Xanex all day! Little to no sweats, some body aches, but nothing a couple Advil didn't put in there place. We will see how the night goes, as the longer I go with nothing, including the Xanex, the BETTER I actually feel. I now wonder if the Xanex isn't adding to the anxiety? But, I am not going to worry about this, and take it one day at a time!
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