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Day 1 off Norcos

Hi everyone,
i've been reading posts for support while I have made the decision to quit using norcos.  I had the "best" intentions to taper, but I just didn't have the willpower for it.  I have been using norcos for about 2 years (anywhere from 1-10/day) with intermittent periods of getting clean, only to relapse again.  However, I realize that I wasn't truly determined to quit before, and I've made the realization of everything I'm wasting- time, money, true enjoyment of life. Now, I mean business. I've been through wd before, and it has ****** sucked for me, but I'm trying to approach it with a new attitude.  Just like a fever is your body's way of getting rid of germs, the wd is the body's way of getting clean.  It's *****, it's painful, but it is only temporary.  I feel like this is easy for me to say on day 1, but i'm super-afraid of days 2,3,4, etc.  Any words of encouragement or advice?
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It can be done. Not fun. Not easy. But doable.   Read here - learn as much as you can.
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Hey...I'm on day 5 and before quitting I was so scared of withdrawal. I've been thru day 1 many times, but that was it. Now like u, I'm tired of the life of chasing pills, feeling the buzz for bout 1.5 hrs then being depressed the rest of the day b/c of the "lows". My withdrawal has been very mild and I know that it's God...b/c I prayd so hard....if u take one step He'll take 2. Today is day 5 and today I'm battling cravings, but I'm going to fight it! I HAVE to do this. I just hate who I had become on the pills. And thinkn that u won't be ur "happy" self without them is BS. I'm much happier now, I wake up and hop out of bed, instead of being groggy from the day before of takng 10 pills or so. I have conversations with people now, laugh wit people and just feel normal! I can't wait for what lies ahead. Stay strong...u'll love life even more WITHOUT pills....since typing this my cravings have subsided.
Good luck to u, me and us all!
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thank you for the encouragement. I'm reading as much as I can, but thank God I have a laptop and can do it in bed.  I want to get up and get some exercise, but can't seem to make it happen.
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You might want to check out the amino acid L-Tyrosine ....... its good for energy and its totally natural.....500-200mg before breakfast....  Although a threat from an 800 pound gorilla may not be enough for another day or so ....  See if you can start with baby steps ..... instead of signing up for that 10K just walk to the mailbox or up and down the driveway a few times....or even do laps around the bedroom!  Just do it......  and good luck doing so ....
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We are all here for you, if you can get on the comp tomorrow and we will help support you. You can do this. I am an Norco addict and I am trying so hard to become clean. Keep your head up/take hott baths for the pain in your body, ibu 800 are great for pain and know that we are all here for you. We are all in this together! God bless
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still day 1, and feeling like s**.  I took my pooch for a walk, had a hot bath (while I was in there, it helped A LOT), and then I've been in bed for hours.  If I already have the aches now, I'm afraid of how I'll feel tomorrow and the next day.  Even if it's hell (well, I know it will be), I'm going to do it.  It's almost 3, and I would have already taken 5-6 if I were still using.  That's 5-6 less norco-damage to my body and mind. Getting clean . . .
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