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Day 1 today

Since I didnt have many pills to taper with I didnt bother and just took the last 3 10mg norcos I had yesterday at 3:30pm I looked up the Thomas Recipe and got all the ingedients. I started taking the vitamins last night. Don't feel to bad right now and it has been 20 hours since my last pill. I prayed alot last night and I am feeling very strong. I am so tired of letting the pills control my life I am a little nervous that the withdrawals will hit me later. My family knows what is going on.
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Unless your one of the lucky ones there is no doubt that the wds will hit you. Just be prepared for the usual suspects, anxiety, mouth constantly dry, little to no sleep ect. However, lets hope you are the lucky one that dosent have to deal with the wd systoms. Sounds like you are well prepared for the storm that will hit. Congrats on Day 1.

Im on day 14 myslef, and slowly should you get the usual wds systomsthey will and do get better. Days 4-7 were the worst for me. Good luck and stay storng!!
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Congratulations on deciding to quit. It is also good that you told your family. Withdrawal depends on so many things, like what, how much and how long you were taking it as well as weight and body chemistry. I'm glad you aren't having really bad symptoms. Try not to think about what might happen, just try to keep your mind occupied by doing something you enjoy. Maybe clear out that DVR and watch some movies or shows you've been meaning to get to, or read a book, or play games on your computer, phone, or console. It may be a little hard to concentrate at first, but gradually you'll find that you can get involved in what you are doing.

Sounds like you're doing well so far, just hang in there and keep posting!
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You will be fine
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Hey there - good to see you today.  I think you did the wise thing, just chuck em and get it over with.   Withdrawals should be hitting any time now just start the immodium right away and ride it out as discussed.  Post for support and you are gonna be fine!  You have made a great decision I promise!
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