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Day 1 without anything! Please help

I've finally decide to quit taking my 1 8mg  sub strip. I just decided to go ahead and face the enevitable that the pain will happen either now or months from now if I'm ever going to get off these. I'm trying the Thomas recipe to help...does anyone know about how long the withdraw from sub is? I have a 14 day Thomas recipe schedule so I'm hoping it will be over by then. Thanks for any help and the support!
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Hi.....It can take a while. Are you sure you don't want to talk to a doc about tapering it properly?  I think that's what most people do.  Is there a reason you want to stop at 8mg?
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I'm just wanting off of them fairly quickly. They just make me irritable and headaches and all that other bad stuff that comes along with taking them. I've been on them a year and I just want to be completely sober so bad I'm just going to face the withdraws. Try and minimize the PAWS and try this Thomas Recipe.  I just really want to be totally drug free and have a new beginning this up coming year.
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And I don't have the money to continue seeing the Dr....but the main reason is I just want to b totally drug free and feeling better by Christmas
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Well, I only took suboxone one time and it was for a short time in treatment.  It wasn't a year or anything.  So, someone else can probably tell you more.  Suboxone WD is notorious for not being as intense as oxy or vicodin but lasts much, much longer. It can take months, because of it's long half life.  Right now, since this is your first day off, you're probably not feeling too bad, but it'll get worse with the classic opiate withdrawal.  I honestly wish they would stop giving it to people for more than a few weeks. IMO, that's the longest anyone would need it.  Opiate withdrawal would be over in a few days whereas sub and methadone can last months.  Looks to me like it would be much better tot take a few days in the beginning and be done.  But, anyway, you don't have that option now, and it doesn't mean you can't get thru it.  You CAN.  Do you go to NA already as part of your sub treatment?  If not, you'll need to start that or something similar.  Also, the thomas recipe was a great idea.  You can definitely get help from following it.  Do you take any other meds or plan to while you WD?
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I also don't have experience with Suboxone personally.  My friend just went through his first cycle of it and it didn't work well when he tried to quit CT.  I have never been a big fan of tapering but he opened my eyes a little.  I do still think that it is a decision that can be the most painful but beneficial things a person can do to quit CT but noone will tell you that it is easy, for a reason.  I respect your decision and wish you the best of luck.  I don't have insurance or money to go through it again.  Right before I left treatment about a month ago the administrator told me that I could come back because they had money sit aside for people without insurance and I could come back for a few days to a week if I needed to.  I don't know if there is a place in TN like that but I am in KY and I went to The Brook Dupont hospital.  May be something you want to check into so you know what your possible options are before it gets too bad, I hope it doesn't but I must be realistic.  Look for all of your options and tell the "nut shell" version of your story to those you talk to.  It may be the difference between getting in and getting discarded.  Good Luck and come back for some support.
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I do go to NA and talk with my preacher about what I'm going thru. And yes I am taking something to help with the withdraws...mentioned as one of the ingredients in the Thomas recipe. I'm taking 4 1mg klnopin a day. But I split them in half so I take 8 halves periodically throughout the day. I'm doing that for 13 days so I'm hoping the worst will be over by then. I know the Thomas recipe says it's just to get you thru the first 4-5 days, but seeing how sub withdraw is twice, sometimes 3x as long, I'm using them a little longer than the 4-5 day period.
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