I have been on 10/500 mg of percs for 2 years now I had a stomach surgery and my surgeon perscribed them for me.  I have never taken a pain pill in my life till I was 31 years old and now I am 33 and I cant get off them.  I actually went cold turkey once about 3 months ago I did it I made it through all the withdrawls and I actually physically felt better I had a lot of energy and I was clean for 1 month then my life started to get hard and I missed the way I felt on them so here I am back on them and I hate it.  I hate who I am when I am on them I am litterally a zombie and there were days i'd take up to 10 percs a day.   I could go through a 90 day supply of percs in less than 2 weeks.  I have been back on them for 2 months now and I have made it 1 whole day without anything and I am not doing good at all I just want to revert back to my old ways so I can get rid of these withdrawls but I have almost destroyed my marriage and I am not treating my kids as good as they deserve.   There have been a few days that I cannot even remember what I did the day previously and my wife has been asking me whats wrong for the last couple months she has no idea that I got back on them and I'm afraid to tell her because I dont want to  lose my family.  So I have decided to fight again and I'm bound and determined to win this fight perminatly last time I did this I got really sick so sick I thought I litterally was going to die I was so week and drained I guess it killed my imune system because I caught a cold as well and got physically ill.  So I am really scared about going through this but Ive gotten rid of everything I have nothing left to supplies and no Dr's nothing.   So here I go again whish me luck and if there are any tips you have to help with my fight I would greatly appreciate them.
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You took the first step - you got rid of your meds and cut your sources. Now, the second step - you have to tell your secret. Tell your wife. Tell your doctor, pharmacy, dentist. Your wife will become a part of your long term support system. You need to be red flagged as an addict. If you keep your secret you will relapse behind it.
And the final step is what Vicki has said - after care.
These three steps are the foundation to getting and staying clean. Leave one out and you will relapse.
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This should go easier now that your wife is on board! It just makes a huge difference in recovery.

How are you feeling? There are some OTC meds that work well for different symptoms so just ask if there's something really bugging you. Right now, be sure to keep your fluid intake up and eat decent food...like fruits.

Check in so we can keep an eye on you!
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Ok wow here i am day 2 and yesterday was miserable this time is deffinatly harder than the first time I did this.  Vicki you were absolutley right I took your advice and I talked to my wife about this yes she wasn't happy but she is sticking with me and helping me through this.  Kyle thank you for your support as well this is been one of the hardest things ive ever had to do.  Sometimes you dont realise how many people have gone through this I have truly felt alone in this battle but in my own selfish way im glad I found this forum and have read about so many amazing people going through the same things.  I truly look up to everyone on here there are some amazing stories as well as amazing people on here.  I am in a fight against myself here and you know what they say you are your own worst enenmy I never fully understood what that ment now I certainly do.  Thank you two for your kind words it does help to know there are people cheering me on.
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This time, I think your fear should be how you're going to stay away from these things...and not the wd's!

Check into some form of aftercare. You'll need the support and you really should think about sharing this with your family. It's hard to hide it.
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