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Two days ago I went to an outpatient rehab.  I've been taking pills for 3 years and I'm finally ready to quit.  It is so hard.  I'm taking methadone which is helping so much.  I have tried to taper and tried to do it cold turkey and it's impossible for me.  I finally got up the courage to call a rehab because the withdrawals were getting so bad and I can't afford my habit anymore and i just couldn't deal with the withdrawals anymore.  I am so happy that I did!  They started me on a low dose and it wasn't enough so  I gave in and got some pills just so I wouldn't get the withdrawals.  Today was the first day that I went w/out the pills and aside from feeling a little sick to my stomach and tired I feel okay.  None of the cold sweats, shaking, diareah , rls, insomnia or any other wd.  I am so happy that I finally got up the courage to call and am doing this.  I have posted on here before when i was pregnant and another time a while ago under a different name and all of those times I could not quit.  I think you truly do need to be ready before it will work.  I'm so tired of living this life and I want my life back.  I have 4 beautiful children that deserve the best mother, not one that is high on pills all of the time.  REading all of your posts has been so encouraging to me.  It's really sad that there are so many people out there that are so addicted to these pills but it brings me comfort also to know that I am not alone.  
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u were taking 3 pills of what?is methaone ur doc?  a bit confused so clarify so others may answer a bit better   30 mg 0f hydro or oxy a day is really not doses to turn to a maintenence drug dose/like sub or methadone/both are maintnece drugs..can be used short term to help wd or long term to help with recovery in the long term sense...30 mgs not a dose to step over to meth or sub lesss u tried all alternatives..u have a plan   sick to it   educate urself on it...and keep posting

ie...i take 10 mgs of hydro 3 x a day for 10 yrs...is it gonna bother me when i quit..we r all different..some it would a bit..others may feel slap awful...not a igh enuf dose be it hydro or oxy to need to turn to the big guns to get clean..ut u have a plan..keep working it...doesnt mean u cant revise it....good luck to u every step of the way
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