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Day 10 - To Nap Or Not To Nap???

Okay I'm on day 10 - Congatulations to meeeee!  ONLY it has also been 10 nights of little to no sleep.  I know its to be expected AND I know I have to hang in there BUT...  I feel like I should be getting close to the point where I should be getting more than 1 1/2 - 2 hrs sleep per night and it ain't happening.  On days 2 - 5  I would come home from work and immediately fall asleep for a couple hours - figuring I would catch some zzz's whenever I could. But then I remembered "back in the days of yore/clean" if I slept during the day, I wouldn't sleep good at night. I've been trying to stay awake during the day, hoping to sleep better/longer at night. It's been futile. Should I go back to sleeping in the afternoon or try to persevere and stay awake.   SORRY for babbling - been doing that alot lately...
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Hi and concrats on 10 days. I had the same problem at day ten and it seemed like around day 15 my sleep patterns got back to normal. I tried not to sleep during the day so I would
sleep better at night. Also I did take a sleep aid that helped, but stopped as soon as I got my first good night of sleep.Also it seemed like excercise helped.
Hang in there it will get better.
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Thanks for the reply. Did you just suddenly sleep thru the night or did 2 hours turn into 4 hours - then 6 then 7 ????
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what do u do during the day?  staying busy helps alot..exercise helps alot too
there r otc things u can take for sleep///plus rx meds u can get from ur dr if sleep remains an issue for much longer....the health pages r full of great info...making a plan to make this Do-able..if half the battle..hope u r seeking the support u need....u gotta reach out and do everything u can do to make this possible if it is truly what u want...sadly, over 80% relapse before the 90 day mark...gets better but life long cleandom is hard to acheive..takes alot of work

keep hanging in there...educate urself on what u can do to put the odds in ur favor

congrats on 10 days..it is awesome to get 10 days!
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