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Day 10

In life going through anything bad to me, is just me going through something bad and its not that big of a deal, but going through this is different. Its was not me and it was phsycologically and physically horrrible. I thank God that He led me to this site and I prepped before I started. My doctors nurse said: "DONT COLD TURKEY, DONT COLD TURKEY!".    I did. . I have some weakness and what I will call "chemical chills" at different times of the day and night, but I feel better now (day 10) than I did on a full dose 12 days ago.
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Fantastic.  This is great to hear. Welcome to the site and stick around. We want to hear the updates!
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congrats on your 10  days!!!!  yeah my doc wanted me to do the tapper thing also but i knew i didnt have control to not eat what ever pill i had so also went cold turkey. i am only a little over a month clean but doing great. you chills and stuff should get better everyday from now. by my second week all the physicial stuff was gone except the sleeping took a bit longer. so you are right there i believe, but be ready for the PAWS, not trying to scare you but they will come in from time to time. but i can say they are getting farther and farther apart and i just know i can get through them  when they show up. you keep kicking butt and be proud of yourself, before you know its a month will be here and then another and so on. you are in my prayers!!
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Congrats on day 10! c/t is so hard to do..If I didn't work I would do that...I am on a taper right now and sticking to it so far...not easy.  My prayers are with you and hang in there.
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