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Day 11 Clean from Opiates, update....

Well, this is my fourth time trying to quit an norco and oxy habit, which my Dr. had me on due to chronic pain. I was taking around 20 pills a day - maybe about 250-300mg of hydro/oxy. Finally, I wanted to quit and tried a few times and never made it past day 1. I went on Suboxone and tapered and the withdrawals from that hospitalized me for 3 days! So back on the pain pills I went. Finally, this time, 11 days ago I quit C/T and let me tell you, that is a hell I NEVER want to experience again. I quit on a Wed, and by Thursday it set in and I was bedridden until just a few days ago. But now, I have no cravings, and after going to this struggle to get off the pills, I have decided the only way I will take opiates long term is if I have a uncurable chronic condition that I have too, and not just because I think my back hurts. So now, I am doing more eastern approaches such as massage and acupunture and it helps. I meditate and prayed alot, and I still have stomach cramps and am weak but everyday feel my spirit get stronger. This is my 4 official time trying to quit, I landed in the hospital each time all but this one for some reason. Maybe God heard my prayers, maybe this time I was stronger, but I know now that I could not avoid the withdrawal. I tried to avoid it with tapering and suboxone, but didn't work for me. I was all about sub when I first got on it, then when I got down to just a little and jumped, the WD lasted WAY longer than even oxy! So, this time, I just jumped and hit the ground, and I'm not sorry I did either. For the first time in a long time, I feel again, I actually want to get out of bed, and though I'm weak and have some stomach issues lingering, I'm doing my best to move around. I'll not relapse and go through this again. I'm sure many can relate that the WDs are so tough, that it really does teach you a valued lesson that I don't think I learned until now. I never want to be on something that will make me this sick again if I quit, so I'm just taking one day at a time, and trying to get my strength back. It is coming back everyday and finally I can sleep the full night without waking up. The best feeling in the world is waking up wihout being in withdrawal! I can't remember how long its been since that's happened. I've been on pills for at least 5 years due to all my conditions. But you know, we have to make choices and I feel like living without opiates it the best for me. So for all you guys going through WDs now and are in your battles, be strong! Keep going because it does get better and don't be afraid! You will heal and move on and get through the hell that is the firs 1-7 days. God bless you all for being strong and helping me get my life back!
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Great post and congratulations!!!! This is not an easy thing to do but it can be done and your living proof of that. I was terrified of the WD which kept me popping. But once I jumped and took most of the OTC remedies, it was nothing like I made it out to be in my mind. Everybodys body will react differently but like you said you just have to jump:)
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I think it depends on the dosage, because for me, my dosage was so high that it made the WDs much more intense physically. The WDs were MUCH more hell than what I thought lol, but you're right, they can be lived through and thank god the worst is over. The PAWS, i'm not really worried about, but curling up in a fetal position beside the toilet for days, I'll not ever want to repeat again!! God Bless!
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Yea, it's amazing the physical toll that taking all those drugs can do to our bodies. Only until we are detoxing do we realize what we have done. So many OTC remedies can help but our bodies still need to purge.
I can't believe how much Gatorade I drank...lol
I'm never going back to that dark place ever again.
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Glad you finally made it to the other side, at least that's how i saw it when i finally got off the stuff. Like you I tried a few times before I made it. The first time I was on 480mg of oxy a day and had been for years at that point.

like a fool I tried just quitting right from 480mg, and I landed in the hospital with a heart attack. I never had the benefit of this site to at least know what I had gotten myself into, so I learned the hard way.

Anyways, they refilled me with oxy and i went home after a couple weeks.

several attempts at tapering later, I finally got off the crap.  I sure wish I knew then what I know now I can tell you, LoL!

Anyway, now that your over that hump, just stick with it. it's mostly mind over matter power now. Check out some of the aids like amino acids and vitamins that may be of benefit to you.
Here's the amino acid protocol page: http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Addiction/Amino-Acid-Protocol/show/15?cid=66

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Great post!!!!!!!! Congrats to you. You have proven how strong you are and you deseve a pat on your own back!!
This post and your story Is strength to everyone props to you!!!!
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I read your story. No wonder you had terrible withdrawals on Subs. You were taking ungodly amounts and with a long 1/2 life it builds up in your system. You were excited to get to 4mgs, that amount is huge. You needed to get to .25mgs or .125mgs to have any success
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I agree, 20 pills a day is a lot. I use Buprenorphine for chronic pain and I can can confirm ~125mcg (aka .125mg) is all I need everyday. This means that 4mg would last me over a month! Wow
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I noticed that your last couple comments are on old post. This post is from 2011... You may want to check out the newer post in the forum as you will most likely not receive any comments on old threads
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I am too on day 10. From snortin oxy 15mg about 15 a day
may there be many many many more days! keep up the good work. life is good
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great post! life is good! stay strong and healthy...breathe....meditate....best to you
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Amen!! I' on day 11 and this is Hell. I was at a very high dose daily, I was taking any-where from 18-21 Percocets DAILY, After I ran out of my Script I was spending anywhere from $500.00-800.00 a Month (because my (90) a month only lasted me 5 days maybe 6 if I had to stretch them out!!! Percocets here in La are soooooo easy to get and thats what made it so hard to get off from!! But Feb 14th was 2016 my LAST DOSE!! I do have Chronic Pain and Need to have back surgery (i kept putting it off so I could keep getting the DEVILS Pills!!!!) But Now I'm SCARED to even have it done because I know at THIS POINT I would back slide because they would give them to me AGAIN!!! I feel better with each Passing day but my legs STILL tingle and I've had a Constant headache for the Past 5 days, (is that part of the W/D?) I'm So glad I felt EVERY w/d system there was because I NEVER want to feel like that again!!! The thought of wanting or needing a DEVILS PILL is still on my Mind....when will this want/need leave my Mind?? if I sit down (which I have done ALOT of sitting these past days) thats all I think about. Plz tell me I wont always think about them!!! when I was taking Pills I slept like a Baby, waking up at 9am or later but Since Feb 14th 2016 I have barely slept the 1st work at all but my Sleep Pattern has been Go to bed 9ish- 10ish still wake up every few hours and wide awake at5am!! wth???
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Hi and welcome to the forum.... congrats on 12 days clean.... the desire to use is common with addicts long after the pills stop your still stuck with the addict in your head....for this aftercare is a critical step to stay clean.....for me the N/A progam has been the magic bullet....it is free the meetings are only a hour long and will give you some place to share where the people will understand....if your willing to go and work the steps you will find with time the very desire to use will be lifted from you.....something I always thought was impossible so google a N/A meeting near you... and as always keep posting for support..............Gnarly..........................
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Are you still clean? I got clean 2/16/16 and I'm still in active withdrawals. I feel like needles or ants crawling all over my skin. I can't take this much more and I have zero energy. I only did 1 1/2 subs first 3 days. That's it. I need help I don't want to give up but when will this stop?????
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