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Day 11....feels weird

I sure thought I would be feeling much better by now.  Well I can tell My body is coming around, but now  just today, I have anxiety pretty much, mostly in stomach, I took some valerian root.  Hope that helps.  So the anxiety coupled with the tremendous heat here, is just making me morje tired.  So Im feeling pretty lazy, no motivation, and not much  energy to do anything, but Im hanging in there.  Keepin the prayers going, not only for myself, but for us all.
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Keep going !!!!!!!  the good part is upon you....your body is finaly making its own "feel good"

Baths were my best friend day 1-15..i still take them at night to unwind from working out.....
what about swimming if its hot...that would be good cardio and make you tired for sleep time...

stay stong man...

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Hi,congrats on day 11.It is still early in recovery especially for the energy levels and emotions.For me week 2 and 3 were tough.Each day I kept drinking plenty of water,protein shakes,eating well.As much exercise as I could manage however little.But one thing I can say is each day was a little better and energy levels and anxiousness were vastly improved by week 3.So you are doing great and it will get better.Take care
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Hang in there! I promise it will get better for ya soon. It always did feel weird in the beginning looking back,,thats because your body and mind are not used to feeling sober. That always created some anxiety for me as it was sorta an uncomfortable feeling. This will pass and as each day passes you will feel more "normal" and comforrtable being sober. I promise. ((Hugs))~Bkitty
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All of the above is excellent advice. I remember the days approaching two weeks clean - I'd had enough of the whole detox crap and was getting really impatient. It didn't make any difference that I'd been abusing meds for over 15 years, the last three heavy-duty. All I knew was I was clean and wanted to feel normal, NOW.
As stated, you will feel better as each day passes. Anxiety is a part of the mental process; life offers good days and bad days, and dealing with them without meds, without exploding emotions, takes a while.
Oh yeah - 11 days is awesome. You are about over the hump. Enjoy being clean.
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This is my 12th day.   I am much better and no desire to take a pill, but my energy level is so low.   I am taking vitamins and eating and drinking lots of water, and finally got some L-Tyosine today.   I only took one....wanted to see how it was....and I felt a little more alert, but not enough to go out and do anything constructive.   It is beastly hot and humid here, so that might be part of it, but I wish my energy would pick up.   I was on the pills for 5 years though, and my idea of breakfast was a pain pill and a coca cola....so that might take awhile to recover from.

Hang in there.....onward and upward!
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