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Day 12 and now having bad cold sweats at night

Just curious how long does this last? My sadness and anxiety has gotten way better. I had a great day yesterday felt like my old self just exhausted. Haven't even been thinking of the pills even if my back is killing me. So it's getting better except for the night sweats.
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Hi  You have come a ways now...The body needs to rid the poison out..It does this through the skin, urination, nose and eyes..Every way possible..Just hang on at look at it has the healing process..Do not worry it will pass..Hey no anxiety that is a big one..That one went on for me of course c/t with the dones and benzo and such did not help..The weakness and no interest seems to be the last..BUT heck you might have it beat...You are doing a great Job....
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Congrats on day 12 . . . that is awesome, and I'm sure it has not been easy to get here.  I had a lot of the sweating thing too in my detox and w/d; it lingered on and off for a couple of weeks and eventually faded away.  Like Vic says your body needs to get the poisons out . . it's a good thing.  Hang in there, you are doing great.....:))
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Congrats on day 12 ! The sweats will be gone soon I am sure and you will be sleeping like a baby soon . Again Well done ! Jimmy
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