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Day 15 Where is normal?

Many of you followed my story when I stopped a 12 to 15 Vicodin a day habit CT. That was now 15 days ago. All though the majority of WD symptons have finally passed I still feel like a fish out of water. Nothing seems normal. Nothing tastes good. Fried foods make me nasous. Apetite picked up some but still lost 15 lbs in the first 8 days. I have these thoughts that are whirling around in my head but my body is bone dead tired yet I lay for hours thinking and not sleeping. I worked hard today. No slacking off making phone calls or coming home for a nap and came home and literally slept on the floor for 2 hours before ordering a pizza. I've tried melatonin, benadryl, and even occasionally valium which would have put me out in the past. My mind wants to do things but my body has no ambition to start. I am doing things all day in my work. Moving around and driving around all day.
My question is when does this natural rush start to take over? How long should I expect constant fatigue.? When will I have the strenght do do what ambition wants me to do?  Am I overdoing it now?  Am I expecting to much to soon?
Yes, I have had some moments pass thinking what would one pill hurt to get me over the hump as this is an important day? I get out of the car and walk a little and think of the hell I have endured to get to day 15. I guess there will always be a day sometime when you think what would one pill hurt.
If anyone has suggestions or experience on where I am at please post as this forum and reading every day has been my only support among the many people who have offered their friendship and helpnotes without which I might have lost my mind the first week.
Any tidbits of info you feel like posting at this critical phase would make me forever thankful
still the texanaddict
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Hi Texanaddict.. I think you are not giving it enough time.. It took us awhile to get here and it has played havoc.. it will take a lil while to feel better.. after a month it seems to get so much better.for myself and others I have read about.. as for the food maybe change what you eat.. cut out the fried foods change your diet to one where you are eating fruits veggies broil some chicken.. everything counts when healing our body.. Some turn to vitamins.. The racing thoughts are normal.. have you tried a sound machine that plays the sounds of rain or something of this nature.. It may help to distract you enough.. Please change the thinking about pills.. these are just lies that our addiction is feeding you.. It only gets worse.. at least the path you are on is of healing.. Congratulations on the 15 days. This is great.. keep your eye on the goal ok.. be kind to yourself.. lesa
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Hi guy. Just wanted to say congrats on day 16.  I still dont have my energy either. I think its gonna take a couple of more weeks but its not as bad now as was.  Dont give in to the lil devil on your shoulder. That is the main thing. As 10356 said it took awhile to get this way so.....  Be strong. Later.
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Hey Tex....we've been there and lack of energy/fuzzy thoughts are a pain.  Here's a few suggestions:

1. Read the PAWS info contained within the Health Pages of this site; you need to understand what's coming during your recovery.
2. Your mind is ready but your body is not; believe this, you have energy but have to push to find it.  Set up some kind of exercise routine, e.g. walking, running, weights, etc and have a plan with fitness goals.
3. As lesa said, evaluate your diet.  You know what your mom told you - 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, at least 8-10 glasses of water, protein, good carbs and only the good fats...stay away from processed food.  Join a diet site if that helps...the daily plate is a good one.

Concentrating on above will help keep your mind off the physical symptoms of your wds but I'm almost 18 months clean and don't considered myself 'recovered' until 24 months; again...read the PAWS info.

Take Care,

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Don't expect too much of yourself, several people told me that in my first few weeks.  I was ready for the "normalcy" to kick in when the physical WD were over too, but it takes time.  I'm on Day 42 and am just in the past few days starting to have less and less of the anxiety, racing thoughts, etc.  Congratulations on 15 days, just keep hanging in there!  It will get better.  
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Well done everybody on all you have done and great advice i am about 9 or 10 weeks free from the Tramadol monster....

Everybody is so helpful and everyone tells it just how it is....If someone on this site hadn't expereinced withdrawals had posted you could pick them out so easy(not that anyone would)  But everyone of the above posts are great I just sit reading them and go thats spot on..........

Texanaddict your doing great Day 16 thats 384 hours 23040 Minutes Drug free

Remember when you thought oh I can't last another minute.........I DO AND I DON"T THINK I WILL EVER FORGET..

And I won't forget the help I got from this site (MADTRAM) She got me through the tough stages... And we will get you through the tough times.... And then you can get someone else through when your at 10 weeks or whenever your ready.... This part helping is fun.......Everyone who gets through withdrawals should owe it to them selves to help others....

Thats enough from me...........
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Remember when you thought oh I can't last another minute.........I DO AND I DON"T THINK I WILL EVER FORGET..


Sorry i read it again and thought it reads a bit confusing...

Now thats enough from me........Time to start the day with a long walk with the dogs. No MORE CRAWLING TO THE DRUG CUPBOARD TO START MY DAY.. I don't miss that cupboard 1 bit anymore
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I am on day two of coming completley off Tramadol. Yesterday I paced up and down my hall, sat in floods of tears, wondered if I was ill and needed a doctor and had NO energy. I thought if this was life I may as well die but held onto the good advice so many already travelled this route has given. Today my head is fuzzy, taken me ages to type this and prob makes no sense at all. To me it does. I feel like my brain is not connected to rest of me, fuzzy head and anxious all the time. Concentration is slack but a margin better than that illness feeling yest.
I hope this improves as each passing day....I will campaign to get the dreaded drug taken seriously by doctors as I was never warned. Given to me following a mitrofanoff procedure but should of taken short term, would of if aware addictive. Medics told me was not addictive and very safe. Better than Morphine.......Really!

I will catch thoes up who are clean and look forward to seeing you there.

Louise x
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Hang in there Louise you'll make it through.  I came off hydrocodone first and then ultram.  Like you I was told ultram was a non-narcotic by my ex rheumatologist but my gp said it should be a controlled substance because it has the same addictive problems of hydrocodone.  Things will get better, even though it feels like it's getting worse but it is going to take a little time.  Like you, I wanted to just die and had all the emotional stuff.  I did have my husband and daughters to help me but when the emotional **** started I just went into my room and cried and then stayed up all night pacing the floor until I was soooo worn out I just couldn't keep my eyes open.  The fuzziness will clear and you'll actually feel human again. (really)  You're in my prayers sweetie and I know God will help you through this.  Just keep posting.  This is a great forum for support.
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