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Day 15...

I am a new user and I am on day 15 of the sober living. Oxycontin was my drug of choice. I have done all painkillers and have tried H once. I want to know, do the urges stop? I am using suboxone to control my use and my urges. The day I stop taking suboxone is the day that scares me most. Knowing that I can screw up is a scary thought. Thinking that OC will never enter my body again scares me a lot too. Not scares, actually... Just doesn't make me comfortable in the least. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2 weeks in is still when I had a lot of cravings. They will be there for a little while. I think we all think the physical is the hardest part but the mental is there for a while. I'll take a line from toxictome and say maybe you should try a N/A or A/A meeting. Any kind of support helps. It scares me to think I an't ake a pill too but you don't want to be dependent on them all of your life. I'm a little over 2 months and they come and go. Its a struggle that you might ahve for a long time.

The forum really helps. Keep posting, it really helps.


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It is a struggle I have had for a couple of years. A struggle that I am ready to kick. I have thought about attending a meeting. I have a list of all the meetings. I have the AA book, which I have read a bit of. I am in college and it is just hard to find time to get off campus to a meeting. I have a buddy who is helping me so much, he has a car and is willing to go. We will make it soon enough. Thanks for the support. My buddy swears by this site so I figured I would give it a shot. I like it a lot already.
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Well you already have the right attitude. This site is what I use as my support. You get help so quickly. And if you have someone that will go to meetings with you, that is great! When you get a craving, post, someone WILL help you, I promise.

Good luck!!
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Welcome to the forum. I'm on Sub too. I also have a fear of relapse when I stop taking the Sub, but I fear it because of pain issues. The Sub. does help alittle with pain.
Do try to get to N/A. or some counseling before you come off the Sub. You'll need that support in place to help with cravings. Good luck and keep posting.
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The suboxone is provided from my friend. I take a quarter a day. They help so much. My girlfriend loves them because they make me "me" again. Before drugs. I'm sure you understand. I have a question for anyone who knows how to answer it. How do I add someone as my friend? I only know the username. Nicky Bones is the username and I have no idea how to search for it. He is my friend irl, the kid that helps me more than anyone else.
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