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Day 17

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I'm doing very good. I am doing classes right now for my rehab and learning all about addiction. Along with meeting with a counselor and NA. I'm very busy but it's going good. Today is a rough day for me but tomorrow will be better. My bad days are getting less frequent. I'm doing everything right this time!
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That's awesome chickie!   You sound really.......on point.  Be strong.  Be proud.  ((((8))))
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Hey Girl  good to see your doing well....your doing great and your aftercare plan ROCKS!!! we find that that makes the biggest difference to those that make it and those that dont  just stick with it  your attitude is also great all days wont be perfect  but that is how recovery works  you get the good with the bad  but as time goes past you get more and more good days  keep posting for support and you are helping others by sharing your story.............Gnarly.............................
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I got a bit worried their for awhile..But you made it! Just keep pushing through. It can only go up from here.

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Congrats and keep it going!!
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I am so happy that you're doing so well now!  What a difference a week makes right?  Keep that positive outlook going and keep posting so that we can congratulate you on each milestone you achieve!
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I'm doing so good. I put in my thirty day notice of where I'm living because all they do is pass around pills in my apartment complex. I'll be moving hopefully into a house the 6th of December. At least out of HERE
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you are doing a great job tt and i'm glad to hear things are going ok.  you have a great attitude!!!
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