Well I feel much better but it's most definitely my weakest day mentally. I just want to take something so bad. It's consuming my mind. Blah blah blah blah insert more blah...lol Idk... Perhaps this was always a losing battle n aftercare is something I should have been doing the whole time.. good news is I have nothing so it would take some effort to make this happen.  Trying to remain strong. I've got b.s. going on @ work....I actually don't want to go...I'm finding out very quickly my triggers....stress....makes me want to use every time.
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But you're staying strong. Right? It's a commitment. Be sure you know that your d o c will not change stress.  Your perception is the only thing. Drug free we can control our perceptions.   We are here to offer support. Pamela
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Oh!! Yes them Triggers..This is why we have to change so much in our Life. People, Places, Things, etc..Staying clean takes a lot of Work & Support. Take each day Min By Min and try to re-direct your self from your thinking. Keep going to those meetings and find a good sponsor. You will get many telephone numbers that you can call when you feel like you are going to fall down.
I will tell you right now that Life is no peaches and cream..If we do not get Support and put up Boundaries a person can fall quick. SO get to those meetings and pick up a Tool Box. Ha!
Maybe take a peek at my Journal where I put in "Addiction and the Pleasure Pathway beyond Willpower". You might understand a bit more on what goes on up stairs in our Brain..Just remember too that Addition is a Brain Disease that we get. You can stop it now and put it into remission, But NOT ALONE!!
I wish you peace..The mental part takes awhile to balance back in our Brains..Lots of wiring got tangled..(Sort of Speaking)..
Bless U and Hang in.
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That's why we do meetings
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Oh no you dont : )
Congratulations on day 19, you have come too far to throw it all away now...
19 days is a very long time to stay clean as you know.
We are all so proud of you. You can do it, keep pulling through.
A massive well done to you !!!
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