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Day 2 of no painkillers

I am on day 2 of no painkillers and surprisingly enough i am not feeling as bad as i thought. Does it get a lot worse or would i know it by now?
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Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your decision to quit. Did you get any supplies to treat the symptoms?   If not, I recommend that while you are still feeling pretty good that you run to the store and at the very least get some Immodium, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, or Powerade, a good multivitamin, B Complex, and make sure you have soup, crackers, bread (things that will be easy on the tummy). We're all different so your timetable may be different from someone else's, and you may not have all of the physical withdrawal symptoms, yet it is best to be prepared. For most of us, days 3 and 4 were the worst. Don't let that scare you, instead take this as an opportunity to be prepared so if you do have worse symptoms you won't get discouraged and cave. You've already made it to day 2, and you don't want to go back and start over.

If your symptoms get worse, tell yourself you have a bad bug that you just have to ride out. Keep posting and we'll support you!
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Like Minn said, days 3,4 and 5 for some of us were the worst.  It all depends on how long you were on them and how much you were taking.  Best of luck and follow Minns advice.  

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Hey and congrats!

Try not to figure it out. You could find you have a couple of bad days coming up, maybe not. Check out the Thomas Recipe at the bottom of the page and pick up some gatorade and immodium. They really help.

Good luck!
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I third it, 3,4, and 5 are the worst But it gets slowly better.  I am on day 6 and while still sluggish I feel infinitely better than day 2 and 3.  Hunker down as you would when you first get the flu and don't push yourself.  It's okay to be pretty lazy at this point.  Life is so much better though as you slowly rediscover who you were before the pills
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You are addicted to Nurofen right which is an OTC pain killer?  How much codeine is in it?  I think the withdrawals from codeine are a lot less severe than from Oxy's and other drugs you may have been reading about on this board.  That beings said the amount that you probably had to take to get high was probably huge and could do a lot of damage to your kidneys and liver.  Great job on day.
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That should say Day 2.
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Thank you all so much for your words of advice! Got some supplies so hears hoping i can ride out the next few days ok! Can't be lazy though as i have 3 kids to look after and a husband who works away, got a great mum though!!
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Congrats on quitting, I am on day 27 and day 3 was my WORST day, you will go through ups and downs Keep immodium handy and light diet. Keep up the good work!!!
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12.8mg of codeine in each tablet, taking up to 32 a day for the last couple of weeks, that's when i knew enough was enough! On day 3 and not feeling too hot but better than expected!
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Wow, that's quite a few tablets! Glad you caught it early and stopped. Great job! :D
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Hi im from the uk and started taking nurofen plus for back pain before i knew where i was i was buying 2 packs of 32 a day from different chemists.It is uncomfortable for 2 to 5 days with aches,chills,insomnia,rls,but it gets a bit better day by day and these symptoms are your body getting rid.You might not feel brilliant but you will feel slightly better eachday.Your doing excellent and keep fighting
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Well done for stopping that amount, that must have been tough going! How long have you been off of them now? I am on day 4 and had about 2 hours sleep last night, did not expect it as the past 2 nights have been fine. Not feeling too great at the moment! I am praying this is over soon as i have 3 children to look after and it is so unfair on them!!
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Hi and well done for wanting your life back.The nurofen plus was my last battle with pain pills.I was taking them for well over a year and massive amounts.All the symptoms were there sweating every night,1 to 2 hours a night sleep,restless legs,mood changes which my children or anybody's deserve.What you are experiencing is normal and is your body repairing itself.These for me lasted about 7 days,but each day really does get a bit better.You won't feel great for a while but just take each day,hr as it come.I have 2 month clean and I promise you it will be the best thing you could do.Keep fighting you and your children deserve it.
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