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Day 21, Im still alive!

Hello to all.  I just wanted to let you know, NO, I did not cave at day 16.  Just thought I would.  Yes I do feel better.  Still a lil weird tho.  My cravings get intense, then they sease, I just try to keep myself busy, much as possible for now.  I do have my church ties, as far as aftercare.   But this is all in your own mind, because no matter what someone tells you, they do not live in your body, you have to want to fight this thing, tooth, & nail.  Support, therapist, NA, all are good, but at the end of the day, its all on you.  So Im sorta scared to comment of feeling better too much, because its liable to revert backwards on me, so I wont say too much.  I will just keep pushing on, no matter how I feel from day to day.  Praying it continues to get better, praying my mind gets stronger.  God Bless yu all.   Just wanted to let everyone who knows of me know,  Im still hangin on.  
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Congrats, and it's fine to say that you're feeling better. Shout it out in fact.
What you wrote about after care and the mental battle is correct, however, it really does help to have a sponsor (when you're tempted, a person to call) and a place to go where people can help. My meetings help me by mostly telling me when I'm full of BS, and I am quite a bit.
Every day will get better. Be proud of what you've accomplished.
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I've thought of you so much in the last few days! I'm glad to know that you did not give up! Congrats on the 21 days! I know this is not easy, but every day that passes, we get stronger in our resolve! Yes, there are still tough days and times, but work through them! You can do this! I have so much faith in you! Keep posting! We are right behind you with strength and support! Keep moving forward! All the best!
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Congrats on 21 days Great job :)
Your right some days can be intense  and I have same issues Cravings anxiety and just push through it. Guard your sobriety  Hold your clean time sacred! Staying busy is great!keep staying positive and Be proud of yourself!
Everyday is another day clean!
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Congratulations on 21 days - massive achievement :)
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I was wondering about you hidng288 I knew you could do it 21 days is huge and wonderful congrats congrats I cant say it enough. Great job I hope all is well with you and yours, you fought hard and deserve praise 21 days is huge I know I made it to thirty today. I look back and think wow I'm doing it and so are you so again congratulations. love and light everyday will bring more and more joy its like a present everytime the sun comes up in the morning.
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The mental battle is just that and yes aftercare is vital to long sustaning sobriety but those cravings r a mffer.I c i have ur church as aftercare but have u thought about NA meetings?I say that because so many people go to a meeting when the urge to use kicks in.It helps to talk about it w/others who r probably craving too.I hear the actual craving lasts only20minutes but we dwell on it and sitting around is the worst thing to do but we have all done it.U should be happy ur feeling better dnt worry about jinxing urself.This wont be the last craving but they do get much less frequent amd less intense w/time trust me on that
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