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Day 24 thanks to everyone here

Howdy y'all
I haven't posted in a while but have been reading and keeping up with everyone.
I'm on day 24 off Norco and feeling MUCH better.
Still some fatigue and mild malaise but generally improved.
For those still in the midst of hour 36 or day 2 or 3, DON'T give up!
I know what it is like (shaking, crying, insomnia, runs, walking VERY slowly with zero energy, sweats) and believe me it does get better.
Thanks to all for honestly posting their experience which has been helpful to me.

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Congratulations!!  Youre right; does get better.  I'm on day 18 and feeling 97% normal.  3% of me still craves pills at night but its more of a fleeting thought.  Keep up the good work; I know I am trying to.
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Way to go Sam!  

I would love to see every person on this board be free of opiates, you've done excellent.  Did you quit cold turkey or with a tapering system?  

Anxiety is too bad for me to try cold turkey . . . I guess every person is different though.  

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

Well done Sam...
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Congratulations!!! I can't wait til' I can say day 24!!!! I'm getting there though!!! Stories like this is what lets me know that I can do it!!!!! So thanks for sharing your strength and wisdom with us all1!!
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Thank you so much for posting that.  I really needed to hear that this will all get better.  
Sitting in a quite place and waiting. Thursday.
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Congrats...WTG....and all the other wishes for good luck.

May I ask... was it you who posted a while back about PAWS?

Do you have any idea... when PAWS styptoms start to alleviate.

If it was not you...I apologize... I've been doing a lot of web reading... Just wanted to talk w/someone who has experieneced it.

32 days and holding....

Take care of you
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I was told that PAWS is also different for everyone, but I will email you some info I have on it.
Good to see BOTH of you on today.
4 more days and I'll be a month clean, feels so good to be this way.
I'll forward it to you, Gip, look for it, OK?
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No, I didn't taper....ran out and said "this is it" and went c/t.  
In the past I had PAWS REALLY bad but not as much right now.

I'm actually able to sleep now without Tylenol PM antihistamines.  I still sometimes take a Valerian, but sleep has improved too.  Every now and then a night with 4 hours down, wake up, can't sleep for 2, and then down for another 2. But in the waxing and waning I get 6 hours usually and one night I even got 71/2 straight!!!

In the past I did have PAWS for months...it was horrible...just really flat, disconnected, no meaning in anything, walking through life like an automoton, cravings really bad.  Fortunately none of that now.

Thanks to all again and I'll keep up with y'alls posts.  
Keep going everyone....it is worth it.
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