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Day 26.. I may need to add Overeaters Anonymous to my program!

Why wasn't I programmed with any moderation gene in any part of my personality?  Yesterday after getting dressed and taking a walk, I indulged in a  4 piece cheesecake "bender", entirely premeditated. After working hard to lose 20 pounds, this was my decision.  Need I wonder why I feel completely entitled to join this forum?  I remain opiate free, but I am defined by my desire for excess, especially if it is "immoral, illegal, or fattening!"  Wait, I seem to be safe from the immoral one, not enough hormones left, I guess. I certainly want only moderation in beneficial activities, like exercise, or socializing, etc.  Okay, enough of this boring confessional.  As always, much love and support to all of you who continue to be my inspiration and companions.
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I would like to say im sorry for your sins of premeditated cheesecake eating but i just cant!!! lol
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Mmmmmmm Cheesecake.  I think I could devour a whole one.
I bought 3 packages of shortbread cookies at the dollar store the other day and ate them all in a day.  I couldn't stop eating them.
Not good.
I bought twinkies today but it's not my fault.  I read ImDoneNomore's status and I couldn't help it.
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Hi colorfull ,  Just your mind & body getting happy again . I wonder if there is a site for cheesecake users .... Ron  
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To all:  I'm not sure if there is "cheesecake withdrawal", and it certainly isn't as extreme as my recent opiate withdrawals, but feel like a hot mess today.  Onward and upward.
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I can't wait till I can eat normally at this point.  Cheesecake does sound wonderful.  Since April I have lost over 62lbs.  I was told by the doctor to be very very careful not replace the norco's with food as it is terrible on the body as well.  How long you been clean now?
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26 days...  I really did  behave with food today.  I just must acknowledge over and over to myself that I have excessive tendencies with MANY things.. No harm done at this point, but I have a ridiculous ability to make life harder than it could be!  Per Dr. Phil, " you cannot change what you do not acknowledge."  LOL
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I almost panicked today when they aired a news story saying this is the last day we can buy Twinkies!!!  Hostess is going bankrupt.  Twinkies as a news headline says it all, huh?  BTW, cheesecake detox is swift and violent...nuff said!  Another justification:  If I had to relapse on something, better cheesecake than a pill? :)
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Cheesecake is ALWAYS better than a pill!  Just need to make it one slice instead of the entire cake (ha!  easier said than done... ) but still better than a pill!  Definitely.
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In the interest of total honesty, the reason I had four pieces ONLY was because that's all I bought at the drive-thru window.  That was my effort towards self-limitation.  As I stated b4, I claim my place in this forum for addiction fiercely! :)
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Hahahahahahaha! Im sorry,,you sound just like I did!! I quit and started eating and never stopped! I gained 20lbs initially the first 6 months but have since gotten back to my "normal" size! Considering I am short it was very noticeable and I split my pants once a week! I always joked I needed to be put in the "Betty Crocker Clinic " for 30 days! I wanna say-youll be fine. Feed your mind body and soul at this point...kinda like eat pray love. It will all even out eventually!
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I ate a whole box of fiber bars the first week of detox! BAD idea!
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That's what I'm afraid of... I will eventually "even out" my measurements to 60-60-60!
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