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Day 27 and I am MAD!!!!

Dont know why but nobody better get in my way today! Im in a bad mood. Weird. I felt great this am. Hey, I guess Im feeling and thats important. Just needed to post. I am excited to get my 30 tag on wenesday. That makes me feel alittle better. I cant believe I actually will have 30 days clean.! I hate this foul mood. Hate it.
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I know about those bad moods!!  I think that's what they mean by recovery and withdrawal being "non-linear".  Good days, bad days, good day followed by another good day, followed by a bad day, blah blah blah.  It's a part of this horrible process and one of the worst aspects in my opinion.  Sometimes you just have to "fake" a good mood for the good mood to actually happen.  Or wait it out and see if tomorrow will be a better day (and a lot of times it is).

I know the weather isn't helping things - we've had over 50 inches of snow this year and bitter cold temps this weekend.  And now they're talking about possibly 18 to 30 inches of snow this Tuesday.  It is INSANE.

Hang in there and just keep venting - it will help.  30 days!!!!!  WOW!  :)  p.s. Florida huh? - we can barely open the door with the 8 foot snow drifts we've got out there. lol
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Hey sweets. 27 days and counting! YOU FRICKIN ROCK SISTA! Im so proud. Im on day 27  too! We r going to hit 30 together honey. Isnt it a great feeling? I knw the bad moods all to well. They will pass but I know its rough getting thru them. Im thinking of ya. Hang in there
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First off, congrats on 27 days, that's huge!! ...As for the bad moods, you're exactly right, you're actually feeling again and that's what you should take out of it. We have all these emotions that we just push down for so long and mask, that when they come up, they're exaggerated to the point of being ridiculous. But's it is all a good sign that you're back on your way to feeling again. Just feeling. And unfortunately the good and the bad feelings go hand in had, although you'll have more good days now that you're clean. Hey, I'm almost one year out and I have good days and bad days. Way more good than bad, but being human entails both good ones and bad ones, right? I know my hubby would get on me about hey, now that I'm clean, why do I still get angry or nag him (lol)..? But I told him that being clean does not mean that all of a sudden I'm a stepford wife or a robot who does not disagree with her hubby, right?!

All I can tell you is that you're doing great..almost one month, that's fantastic. Things do get just a little easier to handle with each passing day, as you well know by now. But that doesn't mean that you'll magically turn into someone who doesn't frown or cry or get angry or just plain ole have bad days. You're feeling your feelings, no matter what they happen to be. And just like in early active wds, you know that tomorrow is another day. If you can't define the reason you're angry or upset, then just succumb to it, try to deal with it, and don't overanalyze it. It is what it is, and as long as it's only today and not every day, then know that it's actually a good sign, a sign that you're on your way back to having normal reactions, thoughts, and feelings..I had 'those days' before I used, therefore I will have them now that I'm not using. No more masking, just feeling!

Focus on your 27 days clean, and again, know that tomorrow's another day, but above all, that you are allowed to feel mad. Try and get to the root of it, but don't dwell. It is what it is. Feelings can be in overdrive now that we're clean. We had all systems supressed while using. After we get clean, they go haywire for a bit, then they calm down after a while. You're fine to be feeling anger or just annoyed at the world..you're human! Just get through today and trust that you'll be a bit happier tomorrow, and walk with your head held up high because you'll have been clean for 28 days tomorrow!! Good for you!
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Great advice!!!
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Thanks :) Just trying to help, glad it goes from my brain to this forum and comes out making sense!!
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Oh no, your brain is working perfectly!  It made PERFECT sense!  :)
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