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Day 3... Wanna die

Day 3 detox almost 72 hrs since last perc when will the worse of this be over ... Feel like I wanna die today.... So easy to make it all go away! But I wont
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Oh if there were only a magic wand, huh?

Day 3 is an amazing accomplishment!  Hang onto that!  Try to keep yourself busy as much as you can..the less you focus on how you're feeling, the better you'll feel.  

It goes without saying that harming yourself is never the answer...just make sure if you ever REALLY aren't sure of your intentions, or your potential to hurt yourself, you seek help IMMEDIATELY.  That's nothing to mess around with.  I know you're just frustrated and feel lousy, but I wanted to mention that.

You're in my prayers....you CAN do this!!
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Yes, day 3 is pretty bad but just know you are over half way thru the withdrawals.  Give yourself today and know that you will be starting to feel better tomorrow if not sooner.  
What symptoms are you having now and are you at work?
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just hang in the!  take it min by min...day by day....the worst will be over soon!  keep posting for support!  
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Not back to work till Friday.... Just have no energy few tremors body feels heavy not sleeping well otherwise ok I guess just uncomfortable feel like I wanna die today worse day yet
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Well try and relax and know that the worst is almost over.  Just when you think you can't take it anymore, it passes.  It will just come in waves after that.  Hang on tight and say you CAN do it.
Don't worry about sleep.  You will sleep eventually.  I know it's really tough and I'm not trying to minimize what you are going thru.  I cried on Day 3.  It did get better though before too long.
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Congrats on 3 days!!  Believe it or not that is a great accomplishment.  The best thing you can do right now is to get up and move around.  This part is only temporary so fight with everything you have.  You can do this!
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Really, I suggest you change your mind set and focus on positive thoughts .. If you continue to dwell on the  negative you will never move forward.. Truthfully, I know everyone is different but you need to redirect your thoughts.. Also, it seems that you have discontinued using because financially you are not in a position to acquire.. But you previously indicated that your father and sister enabled you by providing Perc's to you.. I am not trying to be harsh but "you" enabled yourself and have to accept responsibility as an adult.. It's nice to blame others but ultimately we are responsible for accepting an swallowing a pill and then seeking more.. I would love to say my MD forced Vic's down my throat but he didn't .. I really wish you the best as you seem to continue with this struggle. Once you do decide that you want to be free; you will feel sooo liberated. I really thought I could not function without but after being free since Jan I realize living in the haze sucked and I am so much more productive at work, home etc
Please dont let the fear of being opiate free deter you; the fear is actually the hard part.
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          You're almost there -- keep on. I know the lack of sleep and restlessness are rough but if you just hang in there for another 48 to 72hrs it'll start to ease. When I think back on all the times I broke down at 72 hours and added them all up -- I'd have months of clean time! So, much better to do it in five or six day go and actually be clean than these painful efforts, eh? I second BlondeChick10 in everything she said. It's worth it. Think of this as a necessary & difficult initiation into a life of clarity and self-respect where the impossible suddenly becomes possible. Your promised land.
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Hi , Just wanted to say ,3rd day way to fight , Go ahead and vent , the first few days are very tuff but by day 4-7 you will be over the worst of it . Everyone has it bad about the first 100 hours . It does get better and you will feel better in a few days . Just a few more days and if you fight hard and stay positive you will be pill free . ... Ron
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CONGRATS on day 3!!
What have you been doing to helo with the w/ds?  Day 3 was always the worse for me.  I would say for most people day 1 is ok.  Day 2 sucked but I could summon the energy to at least get out of bed and walkk around the house like a zombie.  Day 3 was the worst.  It took me forever to get out of bed and when I did I ran straight to take a hot bath.  After that I would take some BC powder and drink coffee and smoke like a chimney.  Day 3 was usually when I caved so I hope you stay strong.  Let us know how you are doing and keep coming back for support and inspiration.

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Oh my, hang it there!  YES, day three was the worst for me too. Just awful but it better at about day 27. No, just kidding... you should start feeling a bit better tomorrow. Much better at the 6-7 day mark. Hang in there... think positive and watch MORE TV  :-)
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"Oh goodness.. meant "Hang IN there", not "Hang IT there"... that doesn't make sense unless you are on Day 3 of WD.  why do we always proof read after we submit the comment?  Why?  Drink lots of water... get ready, here come RLS. I hate that one.
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Day 3 is awesome!!! Stay strong and keep posting.  Even if you think it won't matter. Just post
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I'm up agin can't sleep nothing is knocking me out ugh my legs r driving me nuts baths not working but I'm hanging on thank you for ur ongoing support!
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Hi I just wanted to give my support...Great Job...many months ago i remember waking up in the morning (when I slept) and I felt that much better..When the sun came up I knew I was one step further...Just hang in you got alot of great info from above..It does get better...Trust us...
God Bless
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You are doing great, day 3 is big. By Friday back to work should not be a problem. Hang in there you can do it too. Day 10 for me off Percs too. Dang those little white devil pills. Keep posting no matter what ur crazy head maybe thinking. You will always get an answer.
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Last night was the worse for sleeping slept 3 hours.... My back is killing me today took some Advil hopefully it helps.... Other then that just feel lazy!
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I think you're actually doing great!  Your symptoms sound very do-able.  Get up, walk around, do something, even if it's cleaning out a junk drawer or closet.  Get your mind off how you're feeling for a while.  Go outside, get some fresh air.  

The more work you put into it, the better you'll feel, and you're already doing pretty darn good!  3 hours of sleep on day 3 is AMAZING!   Just surrender yourself to the symptoms a little bit.  One of the best quotes I've heard here is "be okay with not being okay for a short while".  SO true.  If you were just ill with the flu, or a bad cold or stomach virus, you would feel crappy, but you wouldn't be overly focused on how you were feeling, because you would just accept that you were ill and there was nothing you could do about it.  Try to look at detox the same way...know it won't last forever, and just resign yourself to feeling lousy for a few days.  You'll be turning a corner soon enough, and the symptoms will become much more tolerable.

Keep up the GREAT work...you really are doing well!!!
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you will get through this, keep it up! The worst for me was the anxiety. It goes away, so when it hits you just keep trudging forward, use all the strength you can, because it is so wirth it. I am nine months off of a massive amt of narcotics and i feel like every day is a gift from God. The only consolation I have in my life for having gone through the horribel withdraw is that now I look at every day differently, I don't take the days for granted.


I did this once and only once. To suffer though that again would be the most stupid thing I could ever do, and same for you. Cut any ties.

kepp up the good work, in one week you feel so much better, and then it progresses from there. 1 month and the anxiety is better too.

One month from now you are gonna look back that this and thank yourself big time.

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Hello - how are you feeling?  Hopefully you are starting to slowly (I know - SLOWLY) feel a little bit better?  I quit from a very high amount of pills as well and as Waterlily says, I now look at every single day as a gift and take nothing for granted.  I also agree - please cut all pill sources.  These are relapses waiting to happen.  Don't go through all of this hard work for nothing.

I SO feel for you with the sleep and anxiety thing; both of which were big problems for me in detox too.  You just have to realize sleep may evade you for awhile.  It was a good 3 weeks or so before I started getting quality sleep again.  BUT - it did start coming back bits at a time before that.  Just take what you can get and know that this is NOT permanent.  I have had sleep "issues" all my life (even before pills, 15 years ago); and I gotta say that I now sleep a good 7 to 8 hour a night - like really sleep!!!  Things that helped me - magnesium (my dr. advised 500 - 1000 per day, 500 right before bed); I still take 500 at night, potassium (I ate like 3 bananas each day during detox!), the Sleepytime teas, hot baths - my biggest detox remedy, and exercise.  Any kind of exercise you can get, even if it's just a short walk.  

You gotta hang in there and know that this WILL get better.  Remember how awful you have felt in the last day or so and store this for later recall when you are tempted with a pill - you don't want to EVER go through this again - and you DONT have to.  It's all up to you!!!  Hang in there and keep posting - good luck :))
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The good news is that you don't ever have to do this again.  We have pill amnesia and forget how bad wd is until we are in the midst of itnces. again.  Write down how you are feeling...ALL of it.  Emotions and physically.  As you get better, you can read your progress and when you are thinking about taking pills down the road, re-read your journal to remind yourself of the horror of withdraws.  

Also when cravings or temptation is there Play the tape out til the end".  We tend to focus on the middle part of our movie and not the ending.  Fast forward and see what the ending is.  Its always the same...run out of pills or money, panic, anxiety, sickness, guilt, shame, or some kind of consequences.  
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I thought I might feel better today day 4 but I think I feel worse body chills now back ache no energy anxiety god this *****, I have been keeping a daily journal to remind myself how horrible this is..... The last few wd I went through I was feeling better by now not this time tho!
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Each w/d can be different; I did it a couple of times over the years also, but my LAST and FINAL time was the worst.  I still got through it and you will too.  Great idea to keep the journal.  I was cleaning through some drawers just last night and found mine.  I only wrote in it for a couple of weeks, but OMG it was enough.  It is now a permanent part of my own personal "relapse prevention arsenal', and just simply scanning through it was enough to remind me why I will NEVER go there again!

You will get through this - it is temporary.  Hang in there!
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Make this your last wd!!  Going through it again and again is a nightmare in itself and no way to live life.  You deserve so much more than this.  Each wd is very different.  I've had some that were minor in comparison to others, but they all were awful.  In some ways i think that having wd that wasnt too bad contributed to some of my relapses, so it made me justify that it wasnt that bad.  Then my body rebeled and really took me down the next time. But that wasnt enough to stop me either.  The repeated damage it does to our spirit minds and bodies is horrendous.  I HAD to decide that the trade off wasn't worth it anymore and I am hoping and praying you will too.  
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