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Day 3 of suboxone

I am taking clonidine to help regulate my body temperature, but only for 10 days. Can anyone tell me when I will feel better? My legs feel like dead weights. I wanted to try and go to the gym tomorrow just to walk, but I don't even know how I'm going to do that? When will I have the same energy back, that I had while taking suboxone?
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First, congratulations on deciding to come off suboxone!  Thats a huge step!

When you'll start to feel better depends on...What mg were you on when you jumped? Did you taper at all?  How long were you on Sub.?  
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Talk to me here. Ive been off subs for almost 2 months now and let me tell you, the first week was real tough. But to answer your question, YES, you will have the same energy and let me go as far as saying possibly MORE than you ever had. I went from 2 and a half subs a day and tapered to a tiny piece a day and when I stopped I went into a pretty major withdrawal. No sleep, (even with the help of clonipin, valium, and benadryl), absolutely NO energy, RLS, diahreha and all that stuff. But like I said the first week was real tough. But I continued to go to work and tried to keep active. It was real hard but it was better than sitting home and staring at the walls. picking up a pencil was like picking up a brick. I tried all the vitamins, hot baths, etc but it was just time that worked. Go a week and you'll see how much better you feel. Maybe even sooner. Just keep going and dont give up. And if you have any questions, ask, I went through the same thing you did.
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Hi hun,

I'm currently day 12 fromm the last day I took 2mg suboxone tablet.
How much did you come off at hun?
Its not been easy for me jumping at 2mg but i[ve got through it with a lil help from dhc which I've now reduced right down on.
I'm sure people will be able to offer advice on what things you can take but if you can ride it on what you've got then do it.
If you need someone to chat to thats going through the same thing you are then just message me and i'll be there.
Your doing well, just keep focused mate and be strong.

I'm holding out for the day when I wake up and feel great without needing anything.
It will be so brilliant :)
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Thank you guys so much for your responses!  I jumped off of .5-1mg. I was on it for about 3 1/2 weeks.  I started at 12 mg's (huge mistake!) and tapered down very fast to 4, then 2 mg's, then 1 mg's then .5 for 2 days.   I am actually going to go to the gym this morning and walk like 3 miles.  I'm actually feeling a little better than y-day. I went to bed at 8pm last night and slept 12 hours!
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