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Day #3 off methadone

Oh my goodness day 3 and NO METHADONE. I am so determined i am going to be ok~! and never have to touch a drug again in my life~! i hated the first two days off methadone but i found something that has been a blessing to help with the aches and pains..(advil liquid gels) I have taken these before for my teeth pain and they have always worked for that so i thought..last night i was laying on the bed feeling like crap, (i couldnt get out of bed for nothing) and i even cried bc i thought this feeling was going to last forever. so i asked my hubby for money to go to the store and grab a box of advil. not even an hour later after i tokk 2 of them i was up and in the shower and watching movies in bed, i felt so normal and relaxed. I cant wait im almost there.. i will get though this, I WILL~!!
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Yes you will get thru this.  Just keep up that positive attitude.       sara
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Keep the determined thing going,that is what got me through.I just refused to do anything but stay off the opiates.Hope you stick to it.                    karl
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Im on day three off suboxone and i dont feel as good as you do!... Havent slept and have a lot of anxiety and restless leg syndrome... any advice?
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hi coming off methadone is a different experience for everyone you sound like your doing great are you sleeping??? that always a problem...that and the energy crash one you got those 2 things beet recovery comes quick I brook a hard habbit so it was 90 days b/4 I can around....just keep in mind methadone is very cyclic ans just when you thing your done it slams you down again....I wish  you all the best in your recovery keep us posted on how this goes for you I dont get to many postive methadone experences so its great when we get one
good luck and God bless........Gnarly
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