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Day 34 frustrated

I appreciate the input in my last post.  I really want this thing hence another post ;)
Day 33 and 34 have been challenging... doable for people thinking about stopping.. but challenging.
I've had almost ZERO cravings for 2 weeks then bam... the runs, and shear lack of energy seems worse.
I guess I was expecting baby steps forward which I've accepted - however this seems backward.
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Hi Ftmill.. 33 days is Fantastic! You jumped at 90mgs!! I think you are doing Wonderfully! Methadone wd is so long it is easy to get discouraged. Our brains are very Powerful it is important to try to keep a Positive outlook going thru this. The wd from this stuff is so tricky I thought I'm thru many times over this last 3 months only to be dragged back down to remind me to humble myself and respect the power of this drug. It gets into our fat and bones this is why the long wd I just try to imagine it leaving my bones this is why it is so uncomfortable It saturates our intestines our brain bones fat muscle It made me want it out. I would have gone thru anything to get off this stuff. The way I feel now compared to 6 weeks ago is like night and day. Hang in there ok Ftmill You will get thru this and in the end you will have your Freedom Your Emotions You will think so clearly Laughter returns I think that alone is worth doing this!! walk eat rest repeat. This will not last forever You got this! lesa
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Your doin great , Just hang in there , these things come in waves at this point, the bathroom and stomach issues lasted way past the energy crash for me. Your not goin backwards ,everyday clean is a day added to your new life.
Try not to look at it as a negative thing, this is part of the process you have to endure, just have to outlast it. And i know you can.
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Just what I needed to hear...  thanks for the kindness.   No one seems to understand - I try to not make it all about me but man-o-man.   These last 3 days hard.   Weird, cunning and powerful..  Again thanks for encouragement I needed it
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I'm on day 35.  I DIDNt  the mental challenges some people get.  But my stomach still bothers me.  During detox I used Imodium AD a lot.  After 3 weeks I stopped it cause worried trading one issue for another.  Overall my energy is average.  I don't yet have that clarity people say they get.  I'm also able to sleep for last 2 weeks.  Lack of sleep was awful.  
Hang in there.  Time will solve most issues
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