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Day 36 and RLS

Stayed active all day yesterday and now I'm feeling awful. My back and legs hurt something fierce and can't fall asleep. Days like today I just want to give up and take methadone to get rid of the rls. But I'm almost to 40 days and I'm excited  for that milestone. Anyways, just tired and grouchy because I'm over the pain in my legs and arms. It's got to go away SOON right? We'll, I hope you all had a better day than I did. Stay strong! One day at a time...
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Sorry to hear you're not having a good day... Yes, I would think the RLS should subside soon. Hope so anyway.
Maybe some OTC pain relievers will help? Highlands restless legs or legitrin pm help with mine.
You are sooo far into it... 36 days is a HUGE accomplishment in dealing with any detox but especially with methadone! If you were to take some, you'd have to do the last 36 days all over again and you definitely don't want that!!
Hang in there... I hope you get some relief soon! :))))
By the way... Congratulations on 36 days of sobriety... That's amazing!
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Congrats on your 36 days. You are doing fantastic.
Take a magnesium/potassium/calcium supplement.
Make sure you are stretching out also.
Hot Epsom salt baths are always great also.
Keep on keepin on.
You are healing each day.
Sending prayers.
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Not sure if tis helps, but I take anti-depressants and after I detoxed I also added lots of protein drinks and tried l-tyrosine.  However, these supplements when taken with AD's caused my serotonin levels to go too high.  This is referred to as Serotonin Syndrome which kicked up the rls  like 10-fold as well as heart palpitations and a few other symptoms.  Just wanted to throw this in there since you are still struggling.
Best to you!,
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