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Day 37 its hard to believe !

Hi all , I'm here and not going anywhere . It is day 37 for me and I am still dealing with anxiety but refuse to stop fighting ! Running six times a week and taking care of myself as best I can . I promise to stay here and help whom ever I can .  I wish you all success !  Your friend Jimmy
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Hey Jimmy, congrats to you!!!

i sllipped afer being clean for about 30 days. Day 2 now...sad...=(
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Congrats Jimmy!!! I know how good it feels to be clean for so many days!

ImGettingClean. . . . you CAN do this!! You've been a HUGE supporter of me & I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Congratulations on day 2!!!

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Keep fighting the good fight. and your support means so much to those of us who have it....thx Jimmy.........Nessa
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