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Day 38 !!!

Hi people !  Well I had a pretty good day today . Anxiety about 10% most the day peaked to about 30% for about an hour or so . Still working out . I will tell you guys what I did when any cravings hit . I wrote some things down about what this drug did to me and when I'm feeling any cravings I pick it up and read it . Sends shivers down my spine but it seems to work for me . Maybe it will work for some of you also . Take care .  Jimmy
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Thank you Jimmy, I needed to hear some good news. I'm on day 12, and have had a pretty hard last 2 days. Started waking up at 3 in the morning again. Is this normal? I stopped the klonopin for a couple of days, but had to take .5 twice today. Why aren't I "there" yet?

I think the journaling is a great idea. I should start that while I have all this "up" time on my hands, huh? I have a battle going on in my head, that whenever I feel a craving, I then feel guilty and miserable at the same time. This *****.
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yes that's normal . you're on your way out of the trap !
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Thanks. :-)
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COngrats Jimmy, keep up the fight
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I also started a journal, once i found this site and jus started writing stuff down I saw in here and it helps me to gather my thoughts. I also think..hope if i need to I can refer back to it in a time of need. Great Idea Jimmy and congrats on your ability to quit. I never thought it would be this hard.
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Congrats hun 38 days well 39 now...Three weeks tommorrow for me, my energy is a little low but thats of i know it wll pass...Oh and the best thing is tommorrow is payday and i still got 100 dollars in my pockets, 3 weeks ago i woulda been broke waiting to get paid just to buy more pills. It feels so good to be free from all that......Take care Nessa
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