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Day 3...please this *****!

I don't feel any better, trying to just sleep through it but this hot/cold things is killing me, I feel like day 1 never ended and every morning I still panic wanting my oxy. how much longer?
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I'm on day 6 and yes it does get better.  I struggle to fall asleep but once I do i'm out.   Try to get up early and make yourself be active take a hot bath before bed.  I know it's tough but you can do it!  It's hard but it will get better....I PROMISE!
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For some reason day 3 always seems to be the roughest for everyone,but your almost at the halfway mark so just hang in there.It will start to get better soon.We're all here for you so just keep posting.You're gonna get through this and you're not alone.....hugs ...Kim
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Hang in there, I'm on day 5 feeling better each day, my problem is, the days go by soooooo slow. YOU WILL HEAL. good luck.
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im working on day 5

and i feel a little better

the sleeping part is lagging behind, but physically i feel really good.
get some cranberry juice for the aches.

just keep on pressing, come to far to have to do this again!
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day 3 was my worst too, by the way
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Day 3 and day 4 were the worse by far.  I think by that time we are just sick of being sick, but it gets better.  To me the depression and lack of energy become the hardest long term problems...
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I have no clue how it feels but just hang in there. Do it for your family and friends. Do it for yourself.
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I would take lots of hot baths and Ibuprophen, day 3/4 are the worst and it will get easier, trust me.
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It will get better, in a day or two. Are you using the Thomas recipe? if not it really helps you can find it on the bottom right of this page.
The hot part did not bother me, I was COLD and it was warm here, people were wearing shorts and I had on a sweater LOL!
Hang on I promise you will feel better in 1 or 2 days, I would take a valium if I had any 1st thing in the A.M.
You can do this! you are so far along now you should start seeing light soon!!!
Go forward!  ...Good Luck!!
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hang on...everyone is different but u will wake up possible 2moro and feel soooooooo much better....this too shall pass..stay strong and keep posting....lots of support here
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