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Day 4 - I feel pretty good, how are you?

This must be my lucky day, I get to start a question!

Good morning, my fellow withdrawers.  (Anybody got a better name than "withdrawers"?)  How's everyone?
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Yes the venting helps, Congratulations on your sobriety, wow day 5 I didnt make it past day 3, i was in the ER. getting more, i am so dissappointed in myself. but the w/d's i was coming out of my skin. so now what start all over. I guess i have to, maybe with some help. are you taking the Vitamins? they do help. Good luck.
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My addiction has been to hydro and at one time oxy and one time perocet.  This time it was just hydro and not too high a dose (40mgs/day) and not too long.  But this has been my hardest withdrawal.
I always relapse because of severe nerve and/or joint pain.  But after the first few days of pain relief I'm off and running.  And running...

There's more stuff about me in today's other thread.

I was too out of it too go get the "recipe" on my first or second days but I started some of it yesterday and I think it helped.  Are you doing it?  Hot showers helped, too.  Today I feel almost human.

Could you call in sick tonight?  After all, you ARE sick.

Don't you just deplore the idea of starting over?  Yesterday morning I felt bad enough to relapse but it's already so much better.
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I am taking vitamins.Calcium/magnesium B6 and accidentally got lysine instead of tyrosine.I do think they're helping.To tell you the truth,this is my worst day yet but I think it's because of no sleep.I really want to quit bad this time.

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How are you?Let us know when you get the chance.I know the pain hurts,I am there also.I also have nerve damage in the low back and those shooting pains in the legs and butt.Siatic nerve pain is the pits.So far I have been able to control it without drugs the past month but I haven't had to do any physical labor either.Hang on brother,You are a winner in my book.
                       peace to you Chezz,
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I am scared. I am lonely. I am tired. I am an addict.

For as long as I can remember I have been hiding behind some sort of
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I am scared. I am lonely. I am tired. I am an addict.

For as long as I can remember I have been hiding behind some sort of
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