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Day 4 - I feel pretty good, how are you?

This must be my lucky day, I get to start a question!

Good morning, my fellow withdrawers.  (Anybody got a better name than "withdrawers"?)  How's everyone?
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Welcome!We are all here for the same reasons.Go back and read all the posts you can and you will find someone that is just where you are right now.Find the Famous Thomas recipe and use
it,it will help more than you will ever know.Again
welcome to the journey!!!!!
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You are so right.  And so strong.  May I ask how young you are?  I just hesitate to look at any situation in only one way, all or nothing.  I've gotten more that way as I've gotten older.

I just feel like I need some sort of mantra for the appointment tomorrow.
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I'm 28.

I don't look at situations as absolute either. Although, right now, in this time in my life I need to keep it that way. I want to live better for ME. To transgress to another addiction would just make my life harder. To abstain is divine.  I really feel that. I need that.

I have stimulated my body for so long now. Seeing life though a mind full of fog, of haze.

Now I want to stimulate my MIND.

I am not stronger than anyone else here. We are all in this together. I get strength from EVERYONE here. WE ALL have the strength inside.
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Chezz, you are the man!
I have many of the same pain issues as you as well as some different ones.  It's not too bad right now, but it WILL come back and then what?  I don't think I can be as strong as you in the face of pain.
I go to a new orthoped tomorrow for my shoulder.  If he offers me a script, HOW, HOW will I say no????
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Thanks Sheila. I saw your post, 2 weeks right?

How are you feeling? I hope it is getting better.

I FEEL GREAT. I have finally dealt with my addictions. I have finally realized how much LIFE I have missed.

I want that back.

I want ME back.


I can't write right now. Thanks for thinking of me. You all are in my thoughts as well.
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Don't let yourself fall back down, having to start all over again will just make this process all the more agonizing. Try to muster up all the strength you can to get through this stretch, it is by far the toughest, and then things will start to get better. You will feel better, you will look better, you will have more confidence, and be more alert and there for those who love you.

I am on day 11 of a 21 day methadone detox. To all those who don't know about methadone, it is really a viable alternative to going cold turkey. It is pretty cheap (10 bucks a day) and all you have to do is show up at the clinic and in five minutes you will have dosed and you can leave. It is easier than going cold turkey, and you can ease your way into sobriety. BMAC is right, do not stay on methadone for longer than two months. Then you will be addicted. To those who don't think they can do this on their own, please consider methadone as an option. It works as a pain killer too, but doesn't make you high, so you can be in less pain while getting used to being sober again. If anyone wants to talk privately to me about this or anything else, feel free to e-mail me at ***@****
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