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Day 4 and been doing alot of thinking

Hi to all that is up, Has some might know I had 120 day clean then fell off the clean wagon real fast. Well today is day 4 for me and this whole time I did alot of thinking.I reliezed that no matter how many clean days you have an addiction is an addiction and you can't let your guard down at all, or hang around people that do that stuff even if it is friend or relatives.I know that I might love my friend and all BUT I  love MY FAMILY MORE and MYSELF.I will no longer hang around them at all because I thought I was strong but I was not.My family gives me so much love thats the only high I will be getting from now on.Thank you all who has talk to me and called me and pm me that means more then i can put into words. WITH HUGS,PLYMOUTHGIRL
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Glad you dusted yourself off and got back in the saddle again.  Keep looking ahead at a brighter future w/o pills.

I wish you the best.
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Thanks, I will keep looking ahead!
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day 4 wasn't that bad just tired.to all the newbies it does get better!
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good 4 u girl!....changing things that trigger u to use is so important...aftercare is so important as well...i am sorry you fell but glad that u r getting back up (-:
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I too realized it doesn't matter how many days clean you have . It is an addiction.
On Hour 5 after a relapse.
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Good for you. AT least your back off again. I have tried so many times and fell off the wagon to. Today is day 2 for me and I will keep going for my kids sake.
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I am so glad you are back on track. It's hard to cut the ties of people that are/were our friends....but whatever you have to do to stay clean is what you have to do!
Don't know if this is possible but would your friend consider getting clean? Well, if/when she does she will have a strong friend that can help her!

I'm so proud of you for dusting off and starting over...it's so worth it!

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I fell off a few times. Im currently in day 36. It will get better and as stated in a earlier post here - NEVER ever let your guard down. Good job getting right back up again. I know you can do it.
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