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Day 4

Day 4 is not so bad. I have been lucky this time. Fingers crossed. Wds weren't so bad. I am having a little anxiety right now. I hate that. but nothing I can do but ride it out. Luckily my job isnt hard. But so far not a bad day.
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Glad to hear it.  You are lucky 3 and 4 were my worst but I feel so much better now and you will too.  Pretty soon we won't be talking days, we will be talking weeks then months and then years.  Good work making it this far!  Let's keep on fighting!
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Yup, consider yourself very lucky! For me day 4 was the worst of it! Don't let your guard down, it can sneak up on you! Just stay focused and get through the day! Congrats on day 4! You are doing awesome!
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Keep on keepin on
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Congratulations!  Day 4 was rough for me too.  You are doing great...keep up the great work and don't let your guard down.
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If things don't change then you were very fortunate indeed, or maybe not...My only concern is the next time you are tempted, you'll remember that this last detox wasn't "so bad", and then what will you do?
I spent four days in hell; I use that to help fight the voices when they start talking about taking just one - one won't hurt.
Anyway, good job, and keep posting.
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Kyle is right a hellish detox is just enough to shut the voices up
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You are very fortunate they have not been so bad, I am on day 27, but my worst day was day 3, Keep on striving for sobriety it is AWESOME
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