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Day 40!!

Day 40 today... What an accomplishment! I can only attribute this victory to the strength that God has given me. Without Him, I would have failed 10 times over. I am proud of myself, while giving him the glory, as he gives us free will.

For all of you that are just starting out or over, everyday gets a little bit better. It’s very hard in the beginning, but as the days increase you’ll become more and more comfortable in your own skin. Sobriety is fantastic in the sense that I can look at issues for what they really are. I have been trying to deal with issues that I tried to hide from for so long. It’s not always easy, but I am most grateful that my mind is clear enough these days to think through things logically.

Thanks to all for the ongoing support that you provide. This forum has been a blessing. I pray that I can lend some words of encouragement to everyone here just as they have been given to me.

Have a safe, clean weekend! xxoo
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Good job !!!     I'm happy for you...I KNOW how hard this road is !  But...we're doing it  !!!

Vicki     xo
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WTG!!   I'm one day behind YOU!!  Keep it up

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So proud of u!!!!!!!!!!! :) Big hugs and bigger congratulations!!!! You're awesome! :) xoxoxo
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hey girlee   CUDOS on 40 days thats a real accomplishment im so happy for you
keep your faith in God ...let him deliver you of evil and you will walk this thing off
one day at a time...remember to run to God when things get tuff...seek refuge in his love for you and never forget his grace... there's no condemnation in grace and it is by what he has done that we get our strength....good luck and may God bless you abundantly
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WOW 40 days is FANTASTIC !!!!!  Thank heaven's for people like you who stick around and help others.  You have a great positive attitude !!! Enjoy your weekend !!!
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I have never been addicted, but I love lots that are. I am soo proud of you. Stay strong
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Congrats!  Way to go there kiddo!  Stay the course and keep sailing along!

Your doing great!

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Sweet !! You did great and here is to many more clean days to come! :)
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Congrats!! I love how you confess your strength through christ! Because through him " all things are possible" big hugz.... So proud of you. I am right behind you on 40 days
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YAY! I can't type much because my current situation will not allow it, but I wanted to tell you how happy I am for you! Way to go! You have worked your butt off to get here.
Very very happy for you.

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