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Day 5 and so glad to be alive!

Woke up to the start of Day 5!  Wow....can't express the gratitude of another day!  Got to wake up.....a little early for my taste, but got to spend the entire morning with the love of my life and our fur babies.  Coffee, quick trip to the store, laundry, dishes and housework...and blaring music and singing off key the entire time  "Don't worry about a thing.....cuz everything little thing is gonna be alright!"  

I can't believe that just the day before yesterday I was under cardiac watch and today I'm smiling, up and about, and "smiling with the rising sun"  (yes, I'm on a Bob Marley kick today).  I can't thank this site enough and all you wonderful people!  <3  

Just wanted to drop a quick positive post for some that may need it today.  Remember, this is just a small bump in your ENTIRE life.  Once you get over it there's nothing to stop you from living the awesome life ahead of you!

Much love!
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Congrats and love your positive attitude.  You had such a rough time and it makes us realize that there are things that are worse than opiate withdrawals lol.
So glad you are feeling better.  That must have been so scary.
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Thanks Pat!  It was a pretty rough day, but every hour and every day is better and better.  My ER visit was due to my opiate withdrawals. I know it may be weird to admit, but I'm glad it happened.  It's something I will never EVER forget....the fear in my other half's eyes, the worry it put on my already mourning family....No pill or substance is worth that.  I have a little headache today, but I think that's just because I've been to busy busy and forgetting to eat.  Gonna heat up some leftovers and CHOW DOWN!  :o)
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I am so sorry to hear about your ER visit. I am new to this board and looking for support I am At the 24 hour mark of no oxycodone and feel horrible. Seeing your post makes me know it is possible and life will just suck for a week or so... Hope you have a great day and I can't wait to feel up to house work as weird as that sounds!!!
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LOL...Pammy, I TOTALLY understand what you mean!  I've been doing laundry and dishes and actually having a good old time!  You'll be there in just a few days....keep up your awesome work!!  24 hours is amazing!  Many people, stronger than yourself, would have fallen already.  You rock and are in my prayers and heart!

We're all in this together for a better future for ourselves so we can give of our TRUE selves to those we love and the world! <3
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congrats on day 5!!  that's awesome....so glad you are feeling better!  hang in there!  
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Pammy welcome to the forum....you will gets lots of support and info here....just scroll to the top of the page and click on "post a question" and you can start your own thread for support....good luck! you can do this...we've all been in your shoes....it will get better in a few days!!  keep posting for support!!  
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Hey and congrats!!
I was not as happy to read this as maybe I should have been. It just seems too soon to be feeling so good.
Prepare yourself in case this is the calm before the storm.

In any case, I love your attitude, hang in there!
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