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Day 5 w/o Hydro! Had major dental work done and stuggling a bit...

Proud that I've made it to day 5!  Getting my appetite back a bit and a bit more energy.

What's tough right now is that I had some crowns put in this morning and my mouth HURTS!  I've already taken a motrin 800 and I promise I won't touch the hydro.  I won't, I won't, I won't.  I'm hoping that rinsing w/ some warm salt water will help my mouth.  I have a SEVER dental phobia so I was up ALL last night in the throws of a panic attack.  I can't believe I made it to the dentist, but I did.

I hope I can sleep tonight.  Taking a hot hot bath w/ lavender, some kava kava and hopefully be OUT by 11.  O and I changed my screen name. It WAS jmhoesch, now it's jenkitty92...........
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Hi Jen, sorry you are hurting. I hate the dentist more than anything! You say you won't touch the Hydro. Do you have hydro available to you? If so, you need to get rid of it. Just sayin. No reason to have the temptation.

Take care! Feel better soon!
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Glad you made it thru the dentist.  Ibuprofen, ice, keeping your head elevated..rinsing w/warm salt water.....will all help.  
I also picked up on your comment convincing yourself you would not touch hydros.  Why do you still have access to them?

We don't need a back up plan if we are truly done~
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No, seriously, I'm good.  My husband actually has it.  He asked me if I wanted a few for my mouth and I said, NOPE, will try the motrin 800 and warm saltwater rinses.  This SAM-e that I'm taking has changed something in me, I think.  I'm not all gloom and doom like I was before. I have a better outlook and it's also helping a lot w/ my osteoarthritis in my neck.  I haven't felt that "need" to take any since I started on the SAM-e. I highly recommend!  lol  Each day is just a teeny bit better then the day before, ya know? Small steps I know........I'm hoping to get BACK to working out like I used to.  I was hardcore workout girl til last year when a lot of emotional things happened to me and I looked at the hydro to make me feel better and using my neck pain as an excuse to take more............I'm not doing that now..............I feel.....................I dunno..................different.  

I would rather stick dirty forks in my eyeballs then go to the dentist but I HAD to go, ya know? Just had to put my big girl panties on and deal w/ ****, ya know?
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I guess, I'm keeping them w/ my husband because I DO have horrible neck pain that causes migraines that landed me in the ER more then once.  I've changed some things around, looking at different pain management HOWEVER; if I ever get to that point where my hubby wants to take me to the ER because of my neck and migraine (haven't had a BAD spell in years)  He will give me 1. He has control over them, I don't, I have no idea where they are and he's told me that they're not in the house either.  lol  I haven't had any "cravings" for one and even now w/ my mouth and gums hurting like a *****, I don't want one.  That's the truth................
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I'm sorry, I'm not very familiar with your specific situation. Why does your husband have hydros? I'm concerned because I can guarantee you will at one time "feel the need"   It also seems like your husband is perfectly willing to give them to you at any time. This needs to be taken very seriously. Best to get rid of them ASAP. Trust me on this one.
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He's not willing to give them to me at all.  I just had major dental work done and my mouth is on fire but I'm not taking any.  He has them because I gave them to him to keep. I've been taking them since 2008 but only last year, starting using them in a non pain way.  1 refill would last me 5 or 6 months, but last year I was finding that one refill would last me 2 or 3 months.  Not good.  I started looking at all the herbal supplements for mood, energy, etc and just came across SAM-e with in the last month and it's changed everything.  I woke up last Friday morning and said, I'm not taking the hydro's anymore and gave them all to my husband.

The migraines and neck pain were SO debilitating, landing me in the ER more then a few times.  Throwing up, nauseous, almost passing out from the pain in my head.  I haven't had an episode like that in years but that's why  my husband has them.  He's not going give me any unless an ER trip is imminent.  Between my new pain management regimen, my tens unit that's been a godsend and my getting back to working out (slowly at first) I'm pretty sure I'll do good.  I've worked thru the emotional issues from last year and I'm in a better place...............just getting thru the initial withdrawal symptoms sucked and I still have a ways to go before I'm feeling like "me" again.  Getting there.............
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