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Day 56...yaya!!

I am so glad that the Fioricet withdrawal thing is overwith, but it is very strange, i think it was more in head that time, because after like 2 days, I was fine, and I feel great today!! The norco withdrawal was horrible compared to that, although I wasn't taking much for long, and like Vicki said, it may just have been a virus and I was so scared of having another withdrawal, I talked myself into thinking that is what it was! Anyway, today is day 56 off the Norco!!! I can't believe it, almost 60 days...and I feel like I have never taken one before. I am clear headed and feel amazing. I also gained some weight...is that normal??
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Congrats on 56 amazing days!!!  Yes the weight gain is normal.  We finally are eating and TASTING our food.  Keep it going~
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congratulations, you are doing great!
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Thank you you guys. Last time I went this long, it was after my son was born, so I was LOSING weight, and I think I've gained 15 lbs in the past 56 days. Not really a fan of it, but it's better than being dependant on the pills. I will have to come up with an exercise routine I can fit into my schedule.
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All you need to do is a minimum of 30-60 minutes of cardio a day or every other. I did this and lost all my opiate weight. I also hardcore watch what i eat so probably plays a huge role in it. So glad your so far, congrats:)
Thank you. It's stays so hot here so long it's hard to go out and do anything. I guess I can start with watching what I eat. It's so discouraging to have gained weight since stopping norco. I thought I would lose more. Silly me.
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I'm glad you're doing so well! Congratulations!
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