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Day 6 on the books

Started day 7 this morning and the anxiety is killing me. Small problems seem huge. I have found the mornings to be worse for some reason. When does it end?
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Go for a walk, if you have to force yourself...I just came back from a 2 1/2 mile walk in the heat..I had to force myself...Actually any kind of exercise will help..But with anxiety going for a walk outside is best...Hang in there..We are going to make it...Hugs
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Hi Windstorm,
I couldn't agree more, mornings ARE the worst for me also...maybe it's because you have the entire day ahead of you feeling like you have to accomplish all these things...but you are early on, day 7 is amazing! But the anxiety does take awhile to even out...but that acute anxiety you feel now..that will get better and easier as time goes by.  Exercise does help.  Even if you can squeeze in a 30 minute walk.  Great job and keep posting!  :)
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So proud of you!!! The first week was the worst. Anxiety seems high, we just have to find new ways to cope with our problems. 3 weeks for me today, yeah!!!  I have caught myself smiling more this week, mornings are rough. It does get better hang in there
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Thanks! And yes it's the acute anxiety that really gets me.
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CK - great job on 3 weeks today! Tomorrow will be a week for me. I swear I used to lose the anxiety about 4 days in. Maybe my memory is bad, or I've done this too many times and its taking longer.  
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YEAH for day 7!!! ONE BIG WEEK!! That's awesome!! Seriously at day 7 I was still having tummy issues, no sleep, anxiety, chills, and sweats. So it sounds like you're doing waaaaaaay better than I was! LOL!! Yep, go for a walk. It's funny....now when I go for my walks I really notice how beautiful everything is around me (the trees, leaves, grass, sky, clouds, etc.). Thus, I kind of zone out during the walk and don't really realize that I'm actually exercising! You're doing great! Keep posting and letting us know how you're doing! I'm on day 20 and I promise around days 10-14 you'll see a BIG difference. Just keep moving forward, one day at a time!
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or I've done this too many times and its taking longer.  

^^^Time to think about some aftercare, too..."too many times" worries me and it's time to figure out why you keep going back. Go to a meeting or pick up some addiction books...really commit this time around :).
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I definitely need to do some type of aftercare. I'm in therapy and I'm trying to read up on addiction. This isn't something I want to go through again. The past year seems like five. I don't even know who I'm supposed to be anymore. Weird.
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I am close to 60 days clean from oxycodone. I have suffered from anxiety issues all my life. My first week clean was really bad with panic attacks. Amino acids, specifically L- Lysine were extremely helpful to me. May not work for anyone else, I am not a doctor.
I have a lot of high stress stuff in my life right now, and I am doing FINE. One Day At A Time. I don't "project" too far into the future with "what ifs"
If i can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS!
I wish you the best success.
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Tired - thanks for the encouragement!!! I've had issues too my entire life, w anxiety. I'm happy to hear it gets better. Every morning I wake up and hope it will be gone. I'm always better at night anyway and tomorrow morning I see my psychologist. I'm excited to tell her I've been clean all week.
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