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Day 60 whoop whoop

Today, I am 60 days clean. It seems so surreal at times. Life is great. I'm so sorry that I don't come on here much. It seems most of you have your go to friends, and I don't want to intrude. I still get a little emotional from time to time. I'm so excited about the Holliday's:) I'm finding myself getting truly happy about things, and I'm learning how to deal with the not do good days!! Just like all the sober people do everyday.. The way I used to be. Counseling has made a world of difference, and I suggest it to everyone. It truly helps! My counselor is AWESOME! We laugh a lot, and sometimes I cry the whole time! She has taught me not to beat myself up for my poor choices, and to embrace my sobriety. Life is good! I'm Blessed and I am so thankful to have a God that loves me even when at times I was sooo undeserving! My kids and I have been having so many laughs just like old times. Life ain't always beautiful... Buts its a beautiful ride!!!!
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Wow! You sound great! Congrats on the 60 days!
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Congrats on the 60 days.  I'm still in the hell of WD and it's inspiring to read posts of people that are staying sober and living life!!
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Good to hear from you Butterfly!!!  Glad you flew by and posted today!!

You sound REALLY good and major kudos on 60 DAYS!!!!!!!

It may seem like everybody has their "go to friends"....but that isn't the case.
The ones that post back and forth and share are the ones who become bonded in friendship to one another.  By sharing our trials and our joys, we grow to love each other in a very special way.
Would love to have you fly by more often:):)
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Please never think you are intruding on anything, especially with awesome news like 60 days! That is awesome. I also appreciate you mentioned how much counseling is helping, so many try to fight the mental stuff on their own after acute detox. I find it is a real joy and saving my life still. The more the merrier, I am so glad you posted this. Nice progress report, keep working it.
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You sound like You are doing great !   That is awesome ;))   We can use your inspiration and help here always . Keep it up friend   ;))
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Congrats on the 60 days butterfly!  You sound awesome & reading posts like yours is inspirational.  Great job.
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I'm right there with you Butterfly!!! 62 days clean today....Great job!!! We got this far one day at a time.  One thing I learned this week is:
If we keep one foot in the past and one foot in the future, we "pee" all over today.  Staying in today protects our serenity and peace of mind.... thanks for sharing yourself....we are each others encouragement for sure!!!
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Congrats on your clean time!!!  So glad to see you are working a recovery program.  You have set yourself up for success~
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Congrats girl. You've come a long way!!
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Congrats on 60 days that is huge, and very heartwarming to hear how your sobriety is affecting your family life and filling with you with joy!!! Thank You for this post:))))
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Butterfly congratulations on 60 days that is huge!!!! Please post on here we all love you and want to share in your recovery!!! Way to go and enjoy the simple things again!! Laugh till it hurts!
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