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Day 8 CT

The pool routine first thing in the morning is working out well for me.  It's the one thing I can do before the pain slams me down to my bed for the day.  I feel capable for that 45 minutes before I remember I'm a cripple.

Cray Crazy night tonight because my surgeon's nurse emails they lost my X Rays I over nighted to them to determine if my hips are not too 'marginal' for their surgery.  It was mix of an Escher drawing and an Orwellian nightmare before my smarty IT husband sent them the X Rays via email that he stripped from my copy of the disc.  He says if that somehow the files are too large for their system to accept, he will over night the X Rays AGAIN in a huge box that no one could miss.  This could mean they don't get my X Rays read until Friday, and I am supposed to fly out there on Sunday!

Has anyone here had a surgeon enforce a 'drug vacation' as a pre op protocol like mine?  I am in such vicious pain; otherwise I would enjoy been sober.  I like not being on narcotics and pooping under my own power.  Anyway, I hope after my surgery that the opiates will work better from taking the break.  I pray I'm not turned away, that it works, and I can go back my life without narcotics.  i want to cook, garden, swim, ride, and make love to my husband again.  After 2 years in bed, I miss living.

This surgery better come through.  My level of pain, even somewhat softened with narcotics, is unlivable, and I don't want to do it anymore.  I don't want to live the rest of my life out being the boiling frog in the water.
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My thoughts are with you.  I am so sorry you are hurting like that.  I hope the surgery goes off and you recover with some sense of normalcy.  Quality of life is so important and right now yours seems to suck.  Dang, girl...you need some peace.  I am glad you are posting here, at least it gives you an outlet for your frustration!!!
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I can't believe how much I'm hurting.  A vodka and an Ambien didn't touch it tonight.  I'm trashing around and doubled over.

I pray my surgeon is able to accept the lost X Ray via my husband's email.  I have to believe my hip is not 'marginal' and they will operate November 1st.
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