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Day 8

Plugging along, day by day.  Physically the symptoms are all gone, but mentally has been tough.  In particular i find that I have been much snappier and unable to control emotions of anger, resentment, etc.  Is this normal at 8 days?  

I have been going to meetings everyday and they help, but sometimes I still feel like I am struggling and hanging on by a thread.
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I have been weening off percocet for the last 3 weeks, I'm down to 1 pill per day, ( used take up to 3 p/day and 6 on the weekends for 3years since my motorcycle accident) its getting allot better. I will run out in a few days, but I am afraid of withdrawls!! i'm hoping by the act of weening down it won't hit me as hard as it does every brave and courageous person here. I have increased exercising, and taking stress relief vitamins from GNC, which seem to be helping.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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My emotions were all over the place, especially for the first few months...sounds so generic, but everything will smooth out with time. Good job posting and sharing...keeping things out in the open helps a great deal.
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I had some bad ups and downs when coming off. I went and got on a antidepressant. But had to quit because my heart palpitations were bad and I took my self off everything to figure out what med was causing it. Getting out for walks help, listing to music really helped me :)) congrats on making day 8 that's awesome!!!
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Im at 36 days and I have my moments of snapping and frustration over nothing (mad when I co-worker got more praise than I did, when she clearly deserved it, I think I look fat in my clothes, I cry when my hair doesn't come out right) but its MUCH better than it was. I am finding as the physical pain stops, the addict brain has less to concentrate on, so we concentrate on not having our drugs anymore and the cravings start up. I feel bored and I have to stay away from things I used to enjoy that I right now find triggering to use drugs, but I'm trying to make new habits (eating healthy, taking vitamin suppliments, and trying to help other people here to get me out of my selfish, drug addict head. It gets easier, or no one would be here sober and clean for any length of time, right? CONGRATS. Tie a knot in that thread and make it a bungy cord, its up and down for a while, they tell me, and we just gotta ride it out. Feel free to send me messages to vent!
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'Tis the time for high drama...You are going through a normal part of detox, one that drove me crazy BUT resulted in a lot of great stories. My favorite (short version)...On about day 4 I went to get a haircut. Got there, shop closed. Panic. Anxiety. I cried all the way home. Grown man crying in the car because he couldn't get a haircut. Drama.
Hang in there and congrats; it just keeps getting better and better.
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I hear ya and feel the same way. I'm on day 19 and find that I will cry or snap over anything these days. I felt really good at day 10 but then around day 17 started to feel really drained again no energy at all. Waiting to get over the hump again. I think it's different for everyone but a lot of people have said you see a huge improvement after 30 days. Just keep holding on you will get to that happy place. I'm saying that as much to you as to myself! Good luck and stick with it!
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Keep on keeping on. Great that you're hitting the meetings and also sharing on this site. You're not alone going thru withdrawal. Post and share your way through this stage of detox using the great support system you're building for yourself. You're heading for success.
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Yeah it will get better by day 21 or so I am sure. It just takes time. I think we all go to our default setting x10 at this stage in withdrawal. Mine is depression so I get super depressed.  Your body is not in withdrawal anymore but your brain still is. Hang in there friend .It will get better. Just keep pushing forward  ;)
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