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Day 9 free from Subutext

All I have left is cold sweats and they are the worse. Does anybody know how long they can last?
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Truly, it will matter how much subutext u were taking and for how long? My suboxone w/d lasted 3/4 weeks but i was on a decently high dose for about 7 yrs..... more info needed so we can give u more accurate info.
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Most notice a turning point at 21 days, that is how long it takes for your last dose of sub to be less than 1% in your blood serum levels. The detox is mostly gone by then, but the healing of the brain takes awhile longer. It is so worth all of it though. Congrats on 9 days, you are doing awesome.
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That's great that that is the only symptom left! Usually, folks find that healing sleep is the last thing to return. Sometimes, certain symptoms tend to come back in ever-lessening cycles. So, don't be discouraged if this happens. Detox isn't a straight vector. Just know that if you stay the course & have patience with the process that things will get better. Hydration, a healthy unprocessed diet, quality supplements, a positive attitude & exercise will definitely help speed your healing.

You're doing great. Hold Fast! :)
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