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Day 9

No pills. I am having my cat scan today so I have to drink this Apple Smoothie junk before hand. I am definately jonesen for a cup of coffee though sheesh. In a few weeks they do the bone marrow biopsy to confirm the cancer is in full remission. But all I can think of right now is having my coffee. lol
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Wow just wanting coffee is huge!  Congrats on day 9!  Good luck with the medical stuff.  Scary stuff, but sounds like you are rounding the corner.
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Randy. Yeah for 9 days and yeah for coffee!!! Good luck today. You'll be in my prayers!!! Hugs!!!! U got this... :)
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This brought back some memories for me.  I remember my dad sitting there looking at that junk he had to drink too and he wondered why it couldnt be coffee!!

Smile pretty for the scan!!
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Best wishes Randy! I hope you will get your beloved coffee soon! Thinking of you!
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Yes, finally got my caffeine fix. Feeling pretty good today. Lot's of fluids though. That contrast stuff they give you for the CT Scan really dehydrates you. I hope you are all having a good day.
Thinking of AJ today, I hope she is still hanging in there, Please say some prayers for her. She is having a rough patch!
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Holding you in my prayers Randy.  I had to go for some blood work earlier this week.  Been having some physical issues and they told me nothing after midnight. NO COFFEE?  And when you can't have it, it's even worse.  You are a strong person. Day 9 is awesome.  You deserve the very best news possible AND a Venti!
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