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Day one AGAIN

Here I am 17 hrs. into ct from hydros again. This time should work as I resigned from my job which was my source and what I knew I should have done long ago. I loved that job. I resigned bc I was asked to take a drug test and had to refuse. So I'm getting ready to go into wds and have alot of fears and uncertaties. We took out a loan to make up for my income for 1 month and I am able to get some work through my old company next week after I can pass a urine test and am through with wds. I was tapering and not taking more than 4 a day...was even down to 3 halves. I didn't jump off bc I thought my surgery would be this week and the doc said I will need a morphine pump....didn't want the mental stuff twice. I'm postponing my surgery till I have enough clean time to get through it. I used more heavily over the past 4 days till I absorbed all that happened....and ran out. I'm more scared than ever of my wds this time. Could use support. GBU, Corey
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Hey corey,
You were one of the first people who welcomed me when I joined this site the first time too! I am sorry to see you in this spot but it sounds like you have a good solid plan in spite of the tough stuff you had to do to get there.
I am doing a taper off ultram/tramadol again (ugh) so I get not wanting to do the mental stuff twice.
I know I can't do much but say I'm thinking of you and wish you lots of strength.
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corey when i first came here u were one of the ppl to help me first, so good luck god bless i will pray for u and if u need to vent chat whatever pm me i am here ...brian
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Corey,it sounds like you're more determined then ever.I know that you've said before that your job made it hard because of the temptation so I think moving on from it was a great idea.Don't be scared,we're all here for you and you have my number so you use it if you need too.It sounds like you have a real good plan this time.You can do this....Kim
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