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Yep i made it to the 9th day! i have been feeling good. i cant believe that i could laugh like was lastnight when some friends came over for a fire. I had some jack and cokes. Then i slept likea rock. I actually feel like being a part of society now. I like to leave the house. It was different at 1st.  On tuesday my doc cleared me to start physical therapy so now i have been more active then ever. I must say i owe alot of people here a very HUGE thanks for the support and kind words that helped me so much. I detoxed by myself sitting in the house and the only 1's that knew were on this site. So thanks everyone. I think i might have got off easy being that it was my 1st time w/d after less then 1 year of heavy usage. Anybody here can send me a message anytime if you are in need of someone to talk to. That is the leaast i can offer anyone here. I wish the best for you all on completing your task of clearing your body of those nasty pills. And before you no it, you will have done it too!
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Congratulations Do_It.  Now its time to work on keeping clean.  All of us want to be clean, but it is so easy to be tempted and before you know it you can end up right where you were before.  Keep posting and if you are tempted to use, stop and call someone, post on here.  great job on getting clean, keep moving forward.
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Congratulations.....always nice to hear a happy ending.    There are so many heart breaking stories here.   Wishing you all the best!!
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Great job on 9 days. There will still be some emotional hurtles to overcome, as well as the cravings but you are doing great and have proven that this can be done.PLEASE Keep up the great work and keep us posted on the aftercare and how things progress from here.
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WOW!! 9 days and feeling good, bless you!!!
You did get off easy, lol, tahnk God! keep up the good work, and if any residual symptoms rear their ugly heads, smack em down with a dose of "I know you will soon be gone!" because they will.

You sound great and thanks for the update.
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